Hamerpal Lake Catfish Point Kumbhalgarh - Millions of catfish in 700 years old Pond

Hamerpal Lake Catfish Point Kumbhalgarh - Millions of catfish in 700 years old Pond, it tells about the pond built by Rana Hammir Singh of Mewar.

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How much fun would you have when you go to a pond and suddenly there are thousands of fish in front of you? After this, when you come to know that these fish are of a different type, whose mouth is like that of a cat, then what will be your reaction?

I think you will say that it will be fun. You would definitely like to visit here. So today we are going to take you to a place about 700 years old which is famous for entertainment as well as historical.

So let's go to this place and know about these cat's mouth like fishes, as well as know the history of this place. So let's get started.

Visit and specialty of Hamerpal Lake Fish Point

This place is a big pond in the middle of the Aravalli mountains, whose name is Hamer Pal Talab or Hamer Pal Lake. It is also known as Fish Point.

The water of this pond remains full for 12 months. There is a wild area around the pond, in which many other wild animals live along with panthers.

Often these animals come to drink water in this pond at night. People living in the village say that they have seen panthers drinking water in the pond several times at night.

There is a very long sail (Pal) on one side of this pond. There are stairs to reach the pond from Pal. Looking at the construction of the sail, it seems that it has been made many centuries ago.

As soon as you come down from the stairs and go near the water of the pond, thousands of fish start appearing in front of you. Only fish are visible in the pond far and wide.

It is said that there are lakhs of fish in this pond. These fish are not normal fish, that is, these fish are different from the fish found in other ponds.

Yes, these fishes are not of India, they came from foreign. They are known as African Catfish. Their biggest feature is that their mouth looks like a cat's mouth.

As soon as you put seeds for them in the pond, thousands of fish start coming in front of you one on top of the other. If you put a lot of grains together, then the sight of that place is worth seeing.

Children are very happy to see these fish. The children squealed with joy seeing so many fish together.

Seeing so many fish, this question must be coming in your mind that how did so many foreign fish come here?

The biggest reason for having so many fish in this pond is the ban on fishing here. The people of the village take care of these fish and do not allow them to be hunted.

The temple of Lord Lakshminarayan is built on the bank of the pond. This temple is built in the shape of a citadel with bastions on both sides.

There are two more small temples in the temple premises. Garuda ji made of black stone is seated outside the main temple. Lord Laxminarayan is sitting inside the temple.

History of Hamerpal Talab

As we know, Sultan Alauddin Khilji of Delhi fought a fierce battle with Rawal Ratan Singh of Chittor in 1303 AD to capture the fort of Chittor.

Alauddin Khilji won this war and took possession of the fort of Chittor.

In the war, Rajput warriors sacrificed their lives in Saka while under the leadership of Rani Padmini, Rajput ladies sacrificed their lives by performing Jauhar.

After this war, the Rawal branch of the Guhil dynasty from Chittor came to an end. Later, Rana Hammir Singh of the Rana branch of the Guhil dynasty living in Shishoda village of Mewar fought with the Khiljis and captured the Chittor fort back.

Rana Hammir Singh constructed this Hamerpal pond and its Ghats  in the thirteenth century. Initially it was called Hammirpal after the name of Rana Hammir but gradually its name became Hamerpal.

Rana Hammir Singh had settled the village of Kelwara near Kumbhalgarh.

It is said that during the time of Akbar, when the fort of Kumbhalgarh was captured by the Mughals, then Akbar's army made a Mughal outpost on this pond.

Later, when Maharana Pratap fought a war to regain the fort of Kumbhalgarh, he also captured this Mughal outpost of Hamerpal Talab.

Hamerpal Talab Fish Point Timings

Well, there is no such special time to visit this pond. You can visit here anytime from morning to evening. Due to being a forested area, it is not right to stay here after sunset.

Entrance Fee at Hamerpal Talab Fish Point

There is no entry fee to enter Hamerpal Talab. Entry here is completely free.

Places to visit near Hamerpal Talab Fish Point

Taladri or Taladari pond, Kumbhalgarh fort and Parshuram Mahadev's temple next to it can be visited for a walk near the Hamerpal pond.

How to reach Hamerpal Talab Fish Point?

If you are going to see Kumbhalgarh Fort then you must visit Hamerpal Talab Fish Point as it comes on your way.

You have to go via Kelwara to reach Kumbhalgarh. The distance of Hamerpal Talab from Kelwara is only about 4 Kms. To go here one has to go to the right side before Kelwara.

The distance from Udaipur to Hamerpal Talab is about 80 Kms. The distance from Hamerpal Talab to Kumbhalgarh is about 10 Kms.

Next time whenever you visit Kumbhalgarh, do visit Hamerpal Talab Fish Point. You will definitely like this place.

Map Location of Hamerpal Talab Fish Point

Images of Hamerpal Talab Fish Point

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Hamerpal Lake Catfish Point Kumbhalgarh 2

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