Jhameshwar Mahadev Temple Jhamar Kotda - Cave Temple with Waterfall

Jhameshwar Mahadev Temple Jhamar Kotda - Cave Temple with Waterfall, it tells about Jhameshwar Mahadev Mandir near Udaipur with nearby waterfall.

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Would you like to visit such a temple of thousands of years old Mahadev which is built inside a natural cave made of molten rocks and in which the Shivling is also self-generated.

The special thing about this temple is that this temple is very miraculous and it is said that here the devotee fulfills his wish by writing on a slip in front of Mahadev.

Natural beauty with waterfall in Jhameshwar Mahadev

This temple built in the middle of the mountains is a place of faith as well as a beautiful natural place. A spring flows next to the temple and there is a beautiful pond nearby.

The devotees who come here can enjoy two things at a time. Along with the darshan of Bholenath, these people also enjoy the natural beauty of this place.

This place is also very famous as a picnic spot and people come in large numbers to visit this place during the rainy season.

This temple located in Jhamar Kotra is known as the temple of Jhameshwar Mahadev. The door of the temple is visible on the main road itself.

The distance of the temple from here is about 200 meters. Dharamshala is also built for stay. There is a tank like pond next to it.

Cave of Jhameshwar Mahadev

On going down the stairs in front, the door of the temple is visible. In olden times it used to be the door of the cave but now it has been constructed and given the form of a door.

Inside the cave, the rocks hang in such a way that the roots hang under a huge banyan tree. To reach the Shivling, one has to bow down a bit.

Water keeps dripping in the cave, due to which the rocks of this cave, thousands of years old, have now become smooth. These rocks of the cave look very beautiful.

The Shivling located inside the cave is thousands of years old. This Shivling is Swayambhu, that is, it has been created naturally. Drops of water keep dripping naturally on the Shivling as if nature itself is anointing Bholenath.

Sitting for a while inside the cave gives a strange kind of peace in the mind. One feels like seeing the natural beauty of the cave again and again. There is dense greenery in front of the cave.

Waterfall flowing in Jhameshwar Mahadev

On going down on the left side outside the cave, there is an cenotaph made which is probably the tomb of a saint Mahatma. On going ahead of this cenotaph, flowing water is seen.

A beautiful waterfall is seen on moving forward over the stones lying in the water. Five-six streams of water falling from a height of about 15-20 feet look very beautiful.

The water in these streams increases considerably during the rainy season. Apart from the waterfall, water also comes flowing very fast from the front side.

You can visit here in the first week of September when the rains subside a bit and you can easily enjoy the flowing water along with this waterfall.

This water goes a little further and takes the form of a pond. Anicut is made in front of it. When it rains heavily, it flows in the form of a rainy river and joins the Jaisamand lake.

If you want to see the waterfall, then you should go here till the month of September because after this the waterfall gradually slows down and stops.

There is dense greenery all around here. There are different types of birds and trees. Bholenath has immense grace at this place.

Places to visit near Jhameshwar Mahadev

Baghdarrah Nature Park comes on the way to Jhameshwar Mahadev. Beyond here is Jagat village where there is a 1000 years old temple of Ambika Mata. The temple of Idana Mata can also be seen.

How to rech Jhameshwar Mahadev?

The temple of Jhameshwar Mahadev is situated at Jhamar Kotra near Udaipur. The distance from here to Udaipur railway station is about 25 kms.

You can come here by your car or bike via Umrada or Lakdwas. Generally the condition of the road is good but during the rainy season the road becomes a bit bad.

If you are a wanderer, if you are interested in seeing religious places situated in the middle of natural places, then you must visit the temple of Jhameshwar Mahadev.

Map Location of Jhameshwar Mahadev

Images of Jhameshwar Mahadev Temple

Jhameshwar Mahadev Temple Jhamar Kotda Cave Temple with Waterfall


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