Kukdeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur - Maharana Pratap spent some time here

Kukdeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur - Maharana Pratap spent some time here, it tells about Kukdeshwarji mandir that has relation with Maharana Pratap.

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Have you heard about any such temple of Mahadev which has been related to wild chickens and this temple got its name because of these chickens?

Along with this, this temple has also been associated with Veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap. After the Battle of Haldighati, Maharana Pratap had spent some time at this place as well.

Situated in the midst of a dense forest in the hills of Aravalli, a rainy stream flows next to this temple of Bholenath, due to which this place becomes very beautiful during the rainy season.

So today we visit this temple of Mahadev named after the rooster, and see the Shivling which was worshiped by Maharana Pratap. So let's get started.

Visit and Speciality of Kukdeshwar Mahadev Temple

This temple situated in the lush green forest between the mountains of Aravalli is a big center of both faith and tourism. Along with the darshan of Bholenath, natural beauty is also seen here.

One has to walk about five to seven hundred meters to reach the temple. There is a slight uphill climb in this walk, but it is not much.

Next, this temple is built inside a moat. A stream flows beside the temple, which is said to have water throughout the year.

It is said that the water of this drain does not dry up even in the summer season. Jalabhishek of Bholenath is done with the water of this drain.

In the rainy season, this nala takes the form of a river. Sometimes when it rains heavily, water also fills the nearby villages.

Swayambhu Shivling is established inside the temple. Apart from the black stone Ganesha idol near the Shivling, there are some other idols along with the Nandi idol.

There is a hall next to it for the devotees. Dhuna is made for Yajna in a room nearby, which is useful for the penance of saints and saints.

In the temple premises itself, there is a place for making food offerings, where the devotees make and receive the offerings.

On going a little further towards the back side of the temple, there are some mausoleums. These mausoleums probably belong to the saints who lived here in ancient times.

Due to being in the foothills of two mountains, there are trees and plants all around the temple. Due to being a wild area, the fear of wild animals also remains.

History of Kukdeshwar Mahadev Temple

If we talk about the history of this place then the history of this place is very old. The Shivling located here is believed to be of the time of the Shivling of Eklingnath Temple in Kailashpuri.

This temple was first known during the time of Maharana Pratap. It is said that Maharana Pratap stayed at this place for some time after the Battle of Haldighati.

Let us tell you that after the battle of Haldighati, Mughal soldiers always followed Maharana Pratap, due to which Maharana Pratap did not stay at any place for long.

When Maharana Pratap was staying here, one night the Mughal soldiers were moving towards this side. Unaware of this, Pratap was resting.

That night the roosters crowed at midnight, due to which everyone got up thinking it was morning. As soon as these people came to know about the arrival of Mughal soldiers, then these people secured themselves.

So in this way due to untimely crowing of cocks, Maharana Pratap was able to protect himself. During the time of Maharana Pratap, there used to be many wild fowls in this area.

These chickens are called Kukda in the local language. Due to the presence of many Kukdas in this area and because of these Kukdas, Maharana Pratap became alert, this Shiva temple came to be known as Kukdeshwar Mahadev.

Places to visit near Kukdeshwar Mahadev Temple

If we talk about the places to visit near Kukdeshwar Mahadev, then in the range of 15-20 km, Kundeshwar Mahadev, Shrinathji Temple of Ghasiyar and Saas Bahu Temple in Nagda, Awadhavji's Temple, Eklingji's Temple in Kailashpuri, etc. can be seen.

How to reach Kukdeshwar Mahadev Temple?

Now the most important question is that how do we go to Kukadeshwar Mahadev?

The distance of Kukdeshwar Mahadev from Udaipur Railway Station is about 18 kms. This temple is inside the mountains near Dangiyon Ka Gudha in Lakhavali Panchayat Samiti.

To go here, one has to cross the highway by going to Udaipur-Gogunda highway via Bargaon. After crossing the highway, one has to go ahead on the road leading to Paraya Ki Bhagal.

On going ahead, there is a gate to go to Kukadeshwar Mahadev. On going beyond this gate, a stone factory comes.

In front of this factory, the slope starts on the road. There are two paths ahead in which we have to go on the left side path. Here an anicut is made on the shore.

The right side road crosses a valley and goes to Paraya ki Bhagal, Nagda and Eklingji via Rama village. Kundeshwar Mahadev can be reached by going ahead on the left side from Paraya Ki Bhagal.

On the way to Kukadeshwar Mahadev, the road ahead of Anicut is completely broken. You will have to park your vehicle a little further.

From here onwards, the path is completely rocky, so now you have to walk for half a kilometer. You have to climb a little hill ahead.

A Dharamshala has also been built at this place but its condition does not look fit to live. Here only mountains and trees and plants are seen all around. Going a little further, Kukdeshwar Mahadev is sitting in the ditch below.

Rainy season is the best time to visit this place because at that time there is a lot of water flowing in the nullah near the temple apart from the lush green mountains.

So that's all for today, hope you have liked this information given by us. Stay connected with us for such new information.

See you soon with new information. Till then thanks and regards.

Map Location of Kukdeshwar Mahadev Temple

Images of Kukdeshwar Mahadev Temple

Kukdeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur Maharana Pratap spent some time here


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