Madar Lakes and Thoor Ki Paal - Undiscovered places to visit near Udaipur

Madar Lakes and Thoor Ki Paal - Undiscovered places to visit near Udaipur, it tells about the undiscovered places to visit near Udaipur city.

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Today we are going to tell you about the lake that fills the famous Fatehsagar lake of Udaipur with water, which has been created by impounding the water of Bedach river.

We will also tell you about two places connected to this lake which become beautiful picnic spots during the rainy season.

Both these places situated in the middle of the mountains are filled to the brim with water. When this water starts spilling during the rainy season, the hearts of the people coming here jump with joy.

So today let us take a closer look at these three places located near Udaipur, the Big and Small Madar Pond along with Thur Ki Pal. Let's start.

Travel and speciality of Badi and Chhoti Madar Lake

Madar village is situated in the middle of the mountains ahead of Badgaon near Udaipur. Bedach river flows near to this village. There are two ponds or lakes near the village called Badi Madar Lake and Chhoti Madar Lake.

Badi Madar Lake

There is a dam built on the Big Madar Lake amidst dense greenery in the mountains near Madar village, whose filling capacity is 24 feet.

The water of Bedach river comes into this dam. Let us tell you that Bedach river originates from the hills near Gogunda and comes to Badi Madar Lake via Shivalik Dam.

When there is good rain in the area from Gogunda to Madar, there is a lot of water in the Bedach river. Many times this lake fills completely and overflows due to which the sheet starts moving on the dam.

The view here becomes quite attractive while walking on the dam. People start coming here to roam and have picnics.

When seen from the dam, the water of this lake is visible far and wide. The wall of the dam is very thick and farming is also done on the other side.

When viewed from the dam wall, mountains are visible all around. There is so much peace and beauty in these mountains with dense greenery during the rainy season that after coming here one does not feel like going back.

Many times there are reports in newspapers that there are some crocodiles living in the Big Madar Pond which sometimes come into the residential areas of the village.

However, since the area around the village is forested, pythons and leopards are often seen there, so whenever you go to this area, be careful.

Chhoti Madar Lake

Chhoti Madar Lake is situated at a distance of about three and a half kilometers from Big Madar Lake. The water in it comes from the surrounding mountains only.

The water of the Bedach river flowing from Badi Madaar passes in front of the Riviera Madar Resort before entering Choti Madar and into the Thur Ki Pal.

Many times during the rainy season, there is so much water in the Bedach river that it becomes difficult to cross the road. The trees and plants that have flowed with the water gather inside the river.

The special thing about this small Madar lake is that it is smaller than the big Madar but is not at all less than it in beauty.

During the rainy season, when water starts flowing over its walls, people come here to have fun. There is a beautiful statue of Hanuman ji near the pal.

After overflowing, the water of Chhoti Madar Lake also joins the Bedach River and flows into the Thur Ki Pal.

Journey and Speciality of Thur Ki Pal

If we talk about Thur ki Pal, then it is an anicut built on the Bedach river which is near Thur village on the Bargaon to Kavita road. It contains mixed water from Big and Small Madar Lake.

When Thur Ki Pal overflows, its water goes to Chikalwas feeder. From here this water divides into two parts, one part of which flows into Fatehsagar Lake through Madar Canal and the other part flows into Udaysagar Lake in the form of Ayad River.

During the rainy season, Thur Ki Pal becomes an important tourist place near Udaipur. Apart from domestic and foreign tourists, a large number of people from Udaipur city also come here.

Due to the ancient temple of Dharmeshwar Mahadev near Pal, in the month of Sawan, Bholenath can be visited along with picnic at this place.

To develop this place as a religious tourist destination the administration has planned to construct some ghats along with a small anicut at a distance of about 150 meters down stream of Pal.

How to visit Madar Lake and Thoor Ki Paal?

Now let us talk about how to visit Madar Lake and Thur Ki Pal? The total distance from Thur Ki Pal to Chhoti Madar and then from here to Badi Madar Lake is less than 10 kilometers.

The distance of Madar town from Udaipur railway station is about 20 kilometers. To go here, you will have to go from the left side on the road going from Udaipur via Bargaon, Loira, Thur, a little before Thur Pal.

If you do not go to the left side and go a little further on this road, you will see the Thur Ki Pal 100-150 meters away from the road on the left side. During the rainy season, many people come here.

After going to Madar, you can see either the Big or Small Madar Lake. You can go to Chhoti Madar Lake either by bike or car.

But you have to keep in mind that both of them cannot reach the shore of Big Madar Lake. Here you have to walk for about half a kilometer along a small canal.

During the rainy season, there is dense greenery on both sides of this canal, and the sound of water flowing from the dam is also heard. Walking amidst dense greenery gives great pleasure.

That's all for today, we hope you liked the information given by us. Please share your opinion by commenting.

Stay with us for new information like this. See you again soon with new information, till then thanks, regards.

Map Location of Madar Lake and Thur Ki Pal

Images of Madar Lake and Thur Ki Pal

Madar Lakes and Thoor Ki Paal Undiscovered places to visit near Udaipur


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