Maharana Pratap Palace and Cenotaph - Last 12 Years of Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap Palace and Cenotaph - Last 12 Years of Maharana Pratap, it tells about Maharana Pratap Palace, Cenotaph or Samadhi in Chawand.

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We all know that almost the entire life of Veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap was spent fighting with the Mughal ruler Akbar. In this struggle, the center of his power was sometimes Kumbhalgarh and sometimes Gogunda.

But do you know that the last 12 years of Maharana Pratap's life i.e. from 1585 AD to 1597 AD were spent peacefully without any war.

Yes, Maharana Pratap fought with the Mughals till 1585 AD and took almost the entire Mewar back under his control.

After this, Maharana Pratap made Chavand his capital in 1585 AD and remained here till his last breath. In the time of Maharana Pratap, it was here that the famous Chavand painting style like Ragamala was born.

Today we will visit Chavand and visit the palace of Maharana Pratap, Chamunda Mata's temple along with the place where Maharana Pratap was cremated.

So let's go to Chavand and see these heritage sites related to Maharana Pratap. Let's get started.

Fort (Palace) of Maharana Pratap

Chavand town, situated amidst the mountains on the banks of Gargal river, has been the last capital of Maharana Pratap. The remains of Maharana Pratap's fort are still visible on a hill near the Gargal river in this town.

This is the same fort in which Maharana Pratap spent his last days. Kunwar Amar Singh was coronated inside this fort and he became Maharana of Mewar.

On going inside from the main entrance on the road, the fort of Maharana Pratap is visible at a slight height in front.

One has to reach this fort on foot. On going up, the gate of the fort is visible, from which the remains of the palaces are visible on going inside.

On going up the stairs, small broken walls of the palaces are visible. Looking at these walls, it seems that it must have been a big palace at that time.

The walls and floors of the palace are in a dilapidated condition from place to place. You have to be careful while walking on it because the floor you are walking on is not the ground floor.

This floor belongs to the upper floors and some more floors are built below it. All access to these lower floors have now been closed.

Many ruins are seen around the palace. These ruins may have been the residences of nobles and other influential people of that time.

Around the palace, the stones that have come out of the doors and kangooras are scattered. By the way, the fort has been renovated by the Archaeological Department.

History of the fort (palace) of Maharana Pratap

Because of Maharana Pratap's stay in this fort, it is called Pratapi Fort but originally this fort was built by Chhappaniya Rathore dynasty.

At the time of Maharana Pratap, this area of Chavand was called Chappan i.e. a group of 56 areas. Maharana Pratap captured this fort by defeating Sardar Luna Chavandia Rathore.

Memorial of Maharana Pratap

A little ahead of the palaces of Maharana Pratap, there is a memorial of Maharana Pratap on the top of the hill. The monument is built on a small height, on which there are stairs to climb.

Above, in the middle of a walled garden, there are statues of Maharana Pratap and his four main chieftains.

All of them are the same brave warriors who fought with the Mughal army along with Maharana Pratap in the Battle of Haldighati.

The names of these four heroes are Jhala Mansingh, Rana Punja, Bhamashah and Hakim Khan Sur. Above all, Maharana Pratap is standing holding a spear in his hand.

This place is at a very high altitude. From here, the view of several kilometers away is clearly visible.

Chamunda Mata Temple Chawand

The temple of Chamunda Mata is built near the fort of Maharana Pratap, where once Maharana Pratap used to go for worship.

There is a road next to the fort to reach here. On the main road inside the town, there is an archway to go to the temple of Chamunda Mata.

If you want, after visiting Chamunda Mata, you can see the palace and the monument because these three places are close to each other and are connected with each other.

The temple of Chamunda Mata is no longer visible in its old form. Its originality has been lost by painting white colored oil paint outside the temple.

Outside the temple, there is a big statue of Maharana Pratap bowing his head in front of the goddess. This statue of Maharana Pratap is so alive that it seems as if Maharana Pratap himself is bowing his head in front of Mata.

A big idol of Chamunda Mata is installed inside the temple. Maharana Pratap used to worship this idol.

The front door of the temple leads directly to the palaces of Maharana Pratap. You can visit Maharana Pratap's palace from here.

History of Chamunda Mata Temple

Historically it is said that this Chamunda Mata temple was built before Maharana Pratap took over Chavand.

Maharana Pratap had renovated this old temple of Chamunda Mata after taking over Chavand.

Cenotaph (Samadhi) of Maharana Pratap

Vikram Samvat 1653 i.e. on 19th January 1597, on the day of Magh Shukla Ekadashi, Maharana Pratap died due to internal injury while pulling bow string.

Maharana Pratap was cremated in the middle of Kejad Lake at the confluence of three rivers in Bandoli village, about two kilometers from Chavand's palace.

Madho Kanwar and Ran Kanwar committed sati along with Maharana Pratap. Maharana Amar Singh got an 8-pillar canopy constructed at the cremation site in the middle of the Kejad lake.

Present in the form of Maharana Pratap's tomb, this cenotaph remains the center of people's reverence even today. Presently this place is known as Pratap Sagar Triveni Sangam.

There is a big garden built on an island in the middle of Kejad Lake, in the middle of which Maharana Pratap's cenotaph is built. Seven more cenotaphs are built on the edges of the garden.

There is a bridge called Maharana Pratap Setu to go from the main gate of the tomb to the cenotaph on the island. One has to walk on this bridge till the cenotaph of Maharana Pratap.

To reach the mausoleum, the road, bridge, garden and its seven umbrellas were constructed by the Rajasthan government in the year 1997.

Due to the confluence of three rivers, Kejad Lake is considered very sacred. Apart from being the tomb of Maharana Pratap, this place is also a very good place for tourism.

The garden in the middle of the lake and the bridge leading to the garden is also a suitable place for photography and walking.

By the way, now the Rajasthan government is getting many works done for the development of historical places related to the life of Maharana Pratap under the Mewar Complex scheme.

Under this scheme, it has been announced to make Maharana Pratap Panorama in Chavand at a cost of about Rs 5 crore, in which the life struggle of Maharana Pratap will be shown.

How to visit Maharana Pratap palace and mausoleum in Chawand?

The distance of Maharana Pratap's fort located in Chavand from Udaipur is about 60 kilometers. There are two ways to reach here by road. You can go via Udaipur to Rishabhdev or Udaipur to Salumber route.

If you are going from Udaipur to Chavand via Rishabhdev road, then you have to take left turn before Parsad and go to Chavand via Parsad Chavand road.

If you are going from Udaipur to Chavand via Salumber route, then you will have to take a right turn ahead of Palodara and go to Chavand.

Maharana Pratap's palace, Chamunda Mata's temple and memorial all three are nearby in Chavand. After visiting these three you can go to see the mausoleum of Maharana Pratap at Bandoli.

The distance of Maharana Pratap's mausoleum from Maharana Pratap's palace is about two and a half kilometers. This mausoleum is built in the Kejad lake on the Chavand-Kejad road.

After going about one and a half kilometer ahead on this road, the gate of the mausoleum comes on the left side. On going inside through this gate comes the tomb.

Whenever you get a chance to visit Udaipur, you must visit these heritage sites related to Veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap.

Hope you have liked this information given by us. Stay connected with us for such new information. See you soon with new information.

Till then thanks and greetings.

Map Location of Maharana Pratap Palace and Cenotaph

Images of Maharana Pratap Palace and Cenotaph

Chamunda Mata Chawand 1

Chamunda Mata Chawand 2

Maharana Pratap Cenotaph Bandoli Chawand 1

Maharana Pratap Cenotaph Bandoli Chawand 2

Maharana Pratap Cenotaph Bandoli Chawand 3

Maharana Pratap Cenotaph Bandoli Chawand 4

Maharana Pratap Palace Chawand 1

Maharana Pratap Palace Chawand 2

Maharana Pratap Palace Chawand 3

Maharana Pratap Palace Chawand 4


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