Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur - Devarshi Narad did penance here

Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur - Devarshi Narad did penance here, it tells about the Nardeshwar or Nandeshwar Mahadev Temple located in Nai Udaipur.

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Today we are going to take you to a place where Narad Rishi had done penance for many years, where Mahadev is actually sitting inside the water.

At this place, Maa Ganga flows continuously throughout the year. This place is the place of penance of many saints, some of whom still reside here in the form of Zinda Samadhi.

So today we visit this penance place of Narad Muni and know the history of this place. So let's get started.

Visit and specialty of Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple

This white colored temple is very ancient. Two elephants are standing at its door. There is a water tank outside the temple. This water tank is filled with water throughout the year.

Bathing in the Kund is considered to be similar to bathing in the Ganges. There are some mausoleums ahead of this pool, which probably belong to the saints who did penance here from time to time.

Swayambhu Mahadev is seated in a Jalhari filled with water inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The most important thing about this reservoir is that every year rain is forecasted by looking at the level of water filled in it.

There is a tank next to the sanctum sanctorum. It is said that even in this the water level never decreases. Many creatures live together in the pool including fishes, turtles and snakes etc.

There are living mausoleums of three Mahatma's in the temple. The feet of saints are made on a tomb. The two mausoleums are built together.

These two mausoleums built together are of Saint Rajgiri and Saint Amargiri Barfani. Saint Rajgiri Maharaj took Samadhi alive in the year 1964 and Saint Amargiri Barfani in the year 2009 on the same date i.e. Shravan Sudi Gyaras

The temple of Ram, Lakshman and Sitaji is built in the temple premises itself. There is another Shivalaya along with it.

12 Kos walking tour of Aranya mountain

There is Aranya mountain near Nardeshwar Mahadev temple which has 12 Jyotirlingas all around it. Every Somvati Amavas takes 12 Kos walking parikrama.

This circumambulation starts from Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple, then passes through Kedareshwar Mahadev in Undari and ends back at Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple.

Nardeshwar or Nandeshwar Lake

This lake is built a little ahead in front of Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple. From here this water goes in the form of a river to Lake Pichola via Sisarma village.

It is also called Sisarma river. The water of the river flowing from the Raita hills also joins this river.

In the rainy season, people reach the river flowing from this lake to bathe and have fun. This river flows through the other side of the road in front of Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple.

History of Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple

Since ancient times, this temple has been a place of penance for saints and sages. Narad Muni also did penance here, due to which it is known as Naradeshwar Mahadev.

With time its name changed from Nardeshwar Mahadev to Nandeshwar Mahadev. Now most people know it by the name Nandeshwar Mahadev.

It is said that there is a description about this temple in Shiva Purana as well. The Ganges flows here continuously. Its water remains the same in all the seasons of winter, summer and rain, that is, this water neither increases nor decreases.

It is said that this temple was renovated by the then Maharana Karan Singh of Mewar in Vikram Samvat 1684 i.e. 1627 AD. After that the temple was looked after properly during the time of Saint Amargiri Barfani.

Places to visit near Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple

Talking about the places to visit near Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple, you can see the palace of Sajjangarh along with the hills of Alsigarh, Popalti and Raita.

How to reach Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple?

The temple of Nardeshwar Mahadev is built on the Udaipur Jhadol Highway in Nai village. The distance from here to Udaipur railway station is about 15 kms.

There are two main routes to reach here from Udaipur Railway Station. One way goes from inside the city via Jagdish Mandir and ahead of Sajjangarh road by turning left from Rampura square.

The second way is from Udaipur railway station via Govardhan Vilas and after taking a right turn towards Jhadol Highway, beyond Balicha near Amargarh Resort. This way is from outside the city and there is National Highway till the temple.

A third route passes through Sisarma village, in front of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Park, in front of Jungle Safari Park, next to Doodh Talai near Lake Pichola.

Out of these three routes, the best route is the Jhadol Highway. You can choose the second route when you are on your way to Sajjangarh.

If you want to see the lake and the river together along with the darshan of Lord Shiva, then you must visit this place during the rainy season.

So that's all for today, hope you must have liked the information given by us. Do tell your opinion by commenting.

Stay with us for such new information. See you soon with a new information, till then thanks and regards.

Map Location of Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple

Images of Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple

Nardeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur Devarshi Narad did penance here


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