Parshuram Mahadev Cave Temple Rajsamand - Parshuramji made a cave with an axe

Parshuram Mahadev Cave Temple Rajsamand - Parshuramji made a cave with an axe, it tells about a cave temple of lord Shiva located near Kumbhalgarh.

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Rajasthan is known in the world for its forts, palaces and desert, but do you know that in this Rajasthan, Parashuramji, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, gave education to the warrior Karna of Mahabharata.

This is the place in Rajasthan where Parashuramji, after performing rigorous penance from Bholenath, obtained the bow, the inexhaustible quiver and his famous axe. Only after this he was changed from Ram to Parashuram.

So today we take you inside the cave amidst the dense forest in the Aravalli hills, where Parashuramji had obtained these divine weapons by doing penance for Bholenath.

There are some temples built at this place along with Kalpa Vriksha, Rudraksha Vriksha, Shiva and Gauri Kund. So let's get started.

Journey and specialty of Parshuram Mahadev

A cave in the middle of the Aravalli hills has been the penance place of Parashuramji, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is said that Parashuramji had performed penance here for twelve thousand years.

You must be aware that according to Hindu religion, seven people in the world are immortal, apart from Parashuramji, Hanumanji, King Bali, Vibhishana, Ashwatthama, Maharishi Vyas and Kripacharya are included.

Along with these, sage Markandeya, who composed the Mahamrityanjya Mantra, is also considered immortal. All these people are Chiranjeevi i.e. they will always be alive, they will never die.

Visiting this place surrounded by mountains and dense forests on all sides is very entertaining in itself. Traveling on crooked roads in dense forests gives a different pleasure.

There are two ways to reach Parashuramji's cave. One route goes through Phuta Deval in Mewar and the other route goes through Kund Dham in Marwar. Phuta Deval is on the ground above the mountain and Kund Dham is on the ground below the mountain.

The cave of Parshuram Mahadev is almost in the middle of these two. The height of Phuta Deval above sea level is equal to the fort of Kumbhalgarh i.e. 3600 feet.

To reach the cave of Parshuram Mahadev from Phuta Deval, one has to walk down the mountain for about one and a half kilometer. There are stairs with ramps along the way.

To reach the cave of Parshuram Mahadev from Kund Dham, one has to walk about two and a half kilometers and climb the mountain. This route also has stairs along with ramps.

Both the routes have their own fun, you have to choose these routes according to your location. If you are coming from Mewar then you will have to come through Phuta Deval and if you are coming from Marwar then you will have to come through Kund Dham.

Phuta Deval to Parshuram Mahadev's cave

First we talk about the way from Phuta Deval to Parshuram Mahadev's cave.

On reaching Phuta Deval, you have to go inside the gate to see the Kalpa tree and Kadam tree. This Kalpa tree is not an ordinary tree. This is a miraculous tree that fulfills the desires of the mind.

The Kalpa tree is visible as soon as you enter inside from the entrance. Next to it is Kamdhenu cow, another Kalp tree, Kalpeshwar Mahadev, Rudraksh tree, Ichchadhari Amrit Kund. There is a very big Swastika carved near it.

On going a little further from here, miraculous Kadam trees are planted. Along with this, some temples are also built in this complex.

It is told in mythology about the Kalpa tree and the Kamdhenu cow that once King Sahasrabahu along with his army came to the place of sage Jamadagni, the father of Parshuramji.

Then Rishi Jamadagni had brought Kalpa tree and Kamdhenu cow to the earth after asking Devraj Indra Dev so that they could make arrangements for food, drink and stay of the king and his army.

Every year in the month of Sawan, a huge fair is held at Phuta Deval temple for three days in which thousands of devotees come to visit Bholenath. Lakhs of devotees visit the cave temple throughout Sawan.

Sunset point is built on the hill near Phuta Deval. Its height above sea level is 3800 feet i.e. this sunset point is 200 feet higher than the fort of Kumbhalgarh.

To go here one has to trek for about half a kilometer. Kumbhalgarh Fort, Parshuram Mahadev's cave, Desuri, Sadri, Ranakpur along with Jawai Dam are visible from the sunset point.

The path to reach the cave of Parshuram Mahadev starts from Phuta Deval itself. On going a little further, there is a temple of Ram devotee Shabri Mata.

A little further ahead, some ancient statues and the ruins of a temple are visible. This temple looks very ancient. From here onwards one has to cross a door and go ahead.

On the way, you see a herd of monkeys at many places. At many places you will find ramps and at other places you will find only stairs.

While going, one has to go down only so there is not much problem but while coming back one has to face only climb.

When seen from here, only dense forest is visible far and wide. Mountains and greenery all around look very beautiful. Along with panther, a large number of animals like bears, monkeys, snakes etc. live in this forest.

After walking about one and a quarter to one and a half kilometers, we reach the stairs leading to the cave of Parashuram Mahadev.

Kund Dham to Parshuram Mahadev's cave

Now let us talk about the path that leads from Kund Dham to Parshuram Mahadev's cave.

On entering from the gate of Kund Dham, there are some temples and Dharamshalas in front. Next to them the water flowing from above flows in the form of a river.

On going ahead, there are some pools. Mountain water is coming in these kunds by flowing from anicut. The water flowing from the anicut is clearly visible during the rainy season. In this season, this water starts flowing at a very high speed.

These kunds are called Shri Shiv Gauri Ganga Kund. One of these pools is made for women and the other for men. The third tank is made next to it. A small bridge has been made to go over this kund.

A little ahead of the bridge, there is a Shiva temple called Amarnath Mahadev. A big Shivling is installed in it. Some idols are installed on the stone rock nearby.

One or two more temples have been built a little higher. A Dharamshala has also been built near them where one can stay at night. The flowing water of Anicut is clearly visible from here.

There are both stairs and ramps to go to the top of the cave near this Dharamshala. The view of Kund Dham is very beautiful from the height.

Going ahead on the way up the ramp, about half way from the cave, the boundary of Pali district ends and the boundary of Rajsamand district begins. While the cave is in Rajsamand district, the Kund comes in Pali district.

Next you have to walk a little up and sometimes a little down in the mountains. There is greenery all along the way. There are trees on both sides, in which there are plenty of custard apple trees. Monkeys are seen jumping on these trees.

Next comes a place called Amar Ganga Piau. Its name is Pyau but water was not visible on it. On going further from here, two brothers Kesar Singh and Khem Singh were seen selling shikanji a little before the cave.

These two brothers live on top of the stones next to this path for a few months during the monsoon and after that. Due to living for years, they have developed a relationship with rain and wild animals.

We have talked to both these brothers whose video you can watch on our channel.

One has to climb some stairs before going to the cave. The road coming from the side of Futa Deval meets here. There is a tank next to it which is known as Parshuram Sarovar.

There is a Dharamshala on one side here. A little above, there are tombs of saints. From here one has to climb straight stairs.

Water is available flowing during the rainy season. The idols of Kalaji-Goraji and Ganga-Jamuna are enshrined just below the main cave.

Cave of Parshuram Mahadev

This cave was created by Parshuramji by cutting it with his axe, hence its shape is as if someone had cut it with a sharp weapon. Water keeps leaking and dripping inside the cave.

Swayambhu Shivalinga is established in front, near which Parvati ji is seated. Ganeshji and Kartikeya are installed next to it. Nandi, Parvati, Ganeshji and Kartikeya are seated separately near them.

Some people also say that this is not a Shivalinga but an idol of Parshuram ji in whose heart Shiva and Parvati reside, and Shiva's two sons Kartikeya and Ganesha are seated at his feet.

There is a cow face on the Shivling, from which water continuously falls on the Shivling. In this way, Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva keeps happening automatically. There are also four cow udders nearby, from which drops of water keep falling throughout the year.

The head and trunk of a Brahmarakshasa is carved on a rock near the Shivling. It is said that this demon was killed by Parshuramji with his ax.

This cave is completely natural and is made of a single rock. There is another small cave in front which opens at a place called Vero Ka Math, about 6 km from here. It is said that Parshuramji taught Karna at that place.

The biggest feature of this cave temple is that the mouth of the Shivling and the present door are in opposite directions. The reason for this is that at that time the only way to enter this cave was this small cave which is in front of the Shivling.

Parshuram ji came here in Treta Yug through this small cave built in front of Shivling. It is said that here he worshiped Lord Shiva in secret for twelve thousand years.

The present path was later made by him by cutting the rock with his ax. Now the path through which we go to the cave is the path carved by Parshuramji.

Over time, stairs have been made to go inside this cave. It was quite difficult to reach this cave when there were no stairs.

Parshuram Mahadev is called Amarnath of Rajasthan because just as Lord Shiva resides in Amarnath Dham, in the same way, Shiva resides here too.

History of Parshuram Mahadev

If we talk about the history of Parshuram Mahadev, then it is said that inside this cave Parshuramji had done penance for about twelve thousand years.

Pleased with his harsh penance, Bholenath gave him darshan with his family. As proof of this, the self-manifested Shivling here is in the form of Ardhanarishwar i.e. Shiva and Parvati and together the entire Shiva family is seated.

Pleased with Parshuram's penance, Lord Shiva provided him with a bow, an inexhaustible quiver and an ax.

It is said that Parshuramji did penance inside the cave at a place called Vero Ka Math, about 6 km from here. At the same place, Parashuramji had taught Angraj Karna.

The monastery of Vero is the origin point of Banas river. This river passes through a place called Matrikundiya where Parashurama took a bath to get rid of the sin of killing his mother.

Places to visit near Parshuram Mahadev

If we talk about places to visit near Parshuram Mahadev, then you can see places like Vero Ka Math, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Hamerpal Talab etc.

How to reach Parshuram Mahadev?

Now let us talk about how to go to Parashuram Mahadev?

This cave of Parshuram Mahadev is about 10 kilometers from Kumbhalgarh. If you want to come here from Udaipur then you can come from Udaipur via Kumbhalgarh or Sayra.

The distance from Udaipur to Parshuram Mahadev is between 90 to 100 kms depending on the route you take.

On coming from Udaipur via Kumbhalgarh, at Pratap Tiraha in Kumbhalgarh, instead of going towards the fort on the right side, you will have to proceed on the road leading to Vero Ka Math on the left side.

After going about 4 kms, a gate comes on the right side to go to Parshuram Mahadev. You have to go further through this gate till Phuta Dewal.

To go from Udaipur via Sayra, you have to take a right turn at Jaswantgarh Tiraha ahead of Gogunda and go on Ranakpur road till Sayra Tiraha. At this intersection, instead of going towards Ranakpur, one has to go to Phuta Deval after passing the Vero Ka Math.

If you want to come here from Ranakpur, then you can go from Ranakpur to Phuta Deval via Sayra and Vero Ka Math. From Ranakpur you can reach Kund Dham via Saadi, Rajpura.

Ranakpur via Sadri covers a distance of about 25 kms and via Saira it covers a distance of about 47 kms.

You will have to walk to the cave from both Phuta Deval and Kund Dham. You just have to keep in mind that one has to descend from Phuta Deval to reach the cave while one has to climb from Kund Dham.

If you want to see the lakhs of years old cave with adventure between jungle and mountains in which Sakshat Bholenath is sitting then you must visit here.

That's all for today, hope you must have liked the information given by us. Please share your opinion by commenting.

Stay with us for such new information. See you soon with a new information, till then thanks and regards.

Map Location of Parshuram Mahadev

Images of Parshuram Mahadev

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