Sajjangarh Fort Monsoon Palace Udaipur - Palace above Clouds

Sajjangarh Fort Monsoon Palace Udaipur - Palace above Clouds, it tells about the best place to visit in Udaipur which is located above the clouds.

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As we all know Udaipur is a city of wonders. The city is filled with so many beautiful places to which one can go easily.

Among all these places, do you know there is a palace in Udaipur which is built at the highest height in the city? During the rainy season, clouds can be seen all around this palace.

Hello, welcome to Khatu, today in this articlewe are going to talk about that palace. So, let’s get into it.

The palace of which we are going to talk about is known as Sajjangarh Palace or Monsoon Palace. It is also called the crown jewel of Udaipur.

This palace is situated on the top of Bansdara in the Aravalli hills, about ten kilometers from Udaipur railway station.

The peak of Bansdara is considered to be the highest hill in the hills of Udaipur, whose height above sea level is about 944 meters i.e., 3100 feet.

Earlier this palace was under the authority of Mewar royal family but now this palace is under the authority of the Forest Department.

As for the distance, if we take the City palace as the starting point then Sajjangarh is about seven and a half kilometers from it, which includes three and a half kilometers of climbing on a hill.

There is a road up to the palace on top of the hill and you can go there by both two-wheeler and four-wheeler.

Since the palace comes under the Sajjangarh Biological Park area, tickets have to be taken at the main gate to enter it, and as you go past the main gate the climb on the mountain starts.

The road on the hill is made in a zigzag and spiral shape. Climbing the road is very thrilling in itself.

During the rainy season, when there is dense greenery all around, then the natural beauty of this place is worth watching.

There is a big garden in front of the palace. Both Pichola and Fateh Sagar lakes are visible from here.

In the rainy season, due to the presence of clouds all around, the view here looks like heaven and it seems as if we are swimming among the clouds.

There is a main gate to enter the palace. This gate made of stone is very big and artistic. Marble and granite have been used to make the gate and the palace and it is a unique example of architecture.

The main palace is a multi-storied building with several feet-high pillars decorated with flowers and leaves. In the palace, there are lattice windows made of marble, in which one can sit and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The local yellow plaster was used to construct these things. There is a circular staircase that leads to the upper floors of the palace.

In the palace, along with wild animals, life in the wild has also been displayed. Models depicting tribal life have also been made.

From the back side of the palace, far forests can be seen. In this rear part, the hunting enclosure built for the hunting of the royal family is also visible.

From this palace, along with the natural beauty of Udaipur and its surroundings, one can also enjoy a very beautiful view of sunrise and sunset. The tourists who come here do not forget to watch the sunset from here.

Many films have been shot in this palace, in which the James Bond film Octopussy is prominent. This film portrays this palace as the residence of the villainous Afghan prince Kamal Khan.

If we talk about the construction of the palace of Sajjangarh, then the construction of this multi-story building was started by Maharana Sajjan Singh (1859-1884) as an observatory to keep an eye on the clouds in the rainy season, that is, to study the weather.

It is said that Maharana Sajjan Singh wanted to build this palace as a nine-storey building, but due to his premature death, his plan could not be completed.

One of the reasons for building this palace is also told that from this palace he wanted to see Chittorgarh, the residence of his ancestors.

The foundation of this palace was laid on August 18, 1883, but due to his untimely death at the age of 25 in 1884, Maharana Sajjan Singh could not see it completed and the construction work stopped.

After the death of Maharana Sajjan Singh, Maharana Fateh Singh got this palace completed in 1898.

In the year 1900, Maharana Fateh Singh also got a hunting enclosure constructed in the western direction of Sajjangarh Palace.

Tanka was also made for water harvesting at each level of the palace. In the year 1956, Maharana Bhagwat Singh donated this palace to the public.

If you go on a tour of Udaipur city, then you must see the palace of Sajjangarh, feel its beauty, and cherish it in your memories.

Images of Sajjangarh Fort

Sajjangarh Fort Monsoon Palace Udaipur Palace above Clouds


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