Sandol Mata Temple and Eco Tourism Park - Adventure with Sandol Mata Darshan

Sandol Mata Temple and Eco Tourism Park - Adventure with Sandol Mata Darshan, it tells about the Sandol Mata Mandir and Eco Tourism Nal near Udaipur.

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Today we are going to take you to a natural place where there are mountains, passes, water, adventure and a temple in which Mata Rani is seated.

This place full of natural beauty is in the middle of the mountains. Reaching this place by passing through the high and low paths in the middle of the mountains is tourism in itself.

At this place, along with the miraculous temple of Mata under a hill, an eco-tourism channel has also been built by the forest department for adventurous activities.

Inside this eco-tourism canal, activities like zipline, tree walk, water roller etc take place between two mountains. Also, the water flowing from Anicut serves as a beautiful background for photography.

So today we will visit this place famous as a wonderful confluence of faith and entertainment and know about it, let's start.

Visit and specialty of Sandol Mata Temple

On one side of the National Highway passing through the mountains, there is a ditch in which water is flowing, and on the other side, there is a temple of Mata under a hill on the bank.

This temple is not very big in appearance, but it is definitely ancient. There is a beautiful view all around from the temple.

You should take special care while crossing the road and going towards the temple because firstly, this temple is built right above the National Highway, secondly, due to the curve near the temple, oncoming vehicles are not easily visible.

Mataji is present inside the temple in her charming form. A parikrama is made around Mataji adjacent to the mountain. Other statues in the form of stone are also present inside the temple.

This temple has great faith in the surrounding tribal areas. Devotees keep coming here. Due to the construction of an eco-tourism park nearby, this temple has now become famous far and wide.

Visit and specialty of Sandol Mata Eco Tourism Park

Eco tourism canal is built about one and a half kilometer away from Sandol Mata temple. This canal, which comes under the Forest Department, has now been transformed into an eco-tourism park and many adventurous activities have been started in it.

These adventurous activities include zipline, tree walk, water roller etc. Zipline is the main attraction here. There is also an anicut here which overflows during the rainy season.

The water flowing from the breached anicut is further filled to form a pond in which a water roller is run. You can sit in this water roller and move around on the water.

Zipline has been started between two mountains above Anicut. When you pass over the anicut through this 200 meter long zipline, you get a different pleasure.

In the coming days, there is a plan to start boating here along with a big zipline of 650 meters length.

The joy of tree walking among trees gives a different feeling in itself. Due to dense greenery all around and flowing water, this place is excellent for photography.

By the way, when we went to this place, there was no activity happening here. We neither saw zipline nor water roller here, maybe maintenance work was going on at that time.

You can visit this eco tourism park from 9 am to 6 pm. The entry ticket to go inside is Rs 30 per person.

If you want to zipline, then you have to buy a separate ticket of Rs 200 per person.

Places to visit near Sandol Mata

If we talk about the places to visit near Sandol Mata Kshetra Temple, then you can see Sandol Mata Eco Tourism Park, Hills of Alsigarh, Harihar Temple of Badrana, Mansi Wakal Dam and Chandwas Mahadev Temple.

If you have time, then you must see the temple of Kamalnath Mahadev in the hills of Avargarh ahead of Jhadol.

How to reach Sandol Mata?

This temple of Mata is called Sandol Mata and the eco tourism park is called Sandol Mata Eco Tourism Canal. The distance of Eco Tourism Canal from Sandol Mata Temple is about one and a half kilometer.

The temple of Sandol Mata is built on the National Highway between the hills on the Udaipur-Jhadol road. The distance here is about 40 kilometers from Udaipur Railway Station and about 8 kilometers from Jhadol.

To go here from Udaipur Railway Station, you have to take a right turn ahead of Balicha on Ahmedabad Highway and go towards Jhadol next to Amagarh Resort.

Sandol Mata temple is situated on the right side, about 8 kilometers before Jhadol. About one and a half kilometers from here, there is an Eco Tourism Canal on the left side.

If you are a wanderer with a religious nature, then you must visit this confluence of adventure and faith amidst the mountains.

That's all for today, we hope you liked the information given by us. Please share your opinion by commenting.

Stay with us for new information like this. See you again soon with new information, till then thanks, regards.

Map Location of Sandol Mata Temple and Eco Tourism Park

Images of Sandol Mata Temple and Eco Tourism Park

Sandol Mata Temple and Eco Tourism Park Adventure with Sandol Mata Darshan


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