Aathuni Kund Waterfall Jaipur - Waterfall in the middle of the mountains in Jaipur

Aathuni Kund Waterfall Jaipur - Waterfall in the middle of the mountains in Jaipur, it tells about the Athuni Kund i.e. Hathni Kund located in Jaipur.

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There is a lot of place to travel inside Jaipur. The Aravalli hills near the city of Jaipur turn green during the rainy season. In such a situation, many extra tourist destinations are developed to travel around.

There are some places inside these mountains where waterfalls start flowing during the rainy season. As you know that in the rainy season, everyone's favorite place is definitely a flowing waterfall.

Today we are going to take you on a trip to that hidden place of Jaipur where there is immense natural beauty along with a waterfall flowing from a height of 70-80 feet.

Along with this, this place is also special because this place is also related to the flood that occurred in the city of Jaipur in the year 1981. This is also the origin of the Dravyavati river that flows through the city of Jaipur.

So let's go to this beautiful place and have a look at the gushing waterfalls as well as the Kunds and temples present at this place. So let's get started.

Journey and specialty of Hathni Kund

The fun of visiting this place, situated in the dense forest between the hills of Aravalli, is something else. To reach this place, one has to walk for about one to one and a half kilometer in the middle of the forest.

After walking on the bumpy rocky path, comes the mud path. After the rough path, one has to climb straight on the stones and then come down.

We get tired while going to the waterfall, but as soon as we see the place where the waterfall is located, all the tiredness vanishes.

From the top of the hill, along with the waterfall, the temple and then the Kund in front of it, it seems as if we have come to some hill station instead of Jaipur.

The white water flowing from the waterfall in the rainy season looks like a stream of milk flowing down the hill. People are seen dancing happily under the waterfall.

The youth group is the most among those who bathe under the waterfall. Elderly people rarely come here because the way to reach here is a bit difficult.

The temple of Hathuneshwar Mahadev is built near the waterfall. Hathuneshwar Mahadev is sitting inside the temple in the form of Shivling. He is called Mahakal.

Water flowing ahead of the waterfall is going into a pool. This Kund is called Hathni Kund but its real name is Aathuni Kund.

In fact, in the local language, the east and west directions were called Aaguni and Aathuni. Being in the western direction, it was called Athuni Kund.

With time its name changed to Hathni Kund. By the way, this Kund has nothing to do with any elephant. During the time of the kings, this place was used for hunting purposes.

This Kund is about 25-30 feet long and wide. Its depth is also said to be 15-20 feet. Bathing in this pool should be avoided because many accidents have happened here.

An old temple of Hanuman ji has been built above on climbing the stairs from the side of the Kund. A very beautiful view of the waterfall and the pool is visible from the terrace of this temple.

From here, a dense forest can be seen far and wide in front of the Kund. Many types of wild animals like panther, snake, peacock etc live in this forest.

If you come to this place, you must come in a group and return before dusk.

History of Hathni Kund

If we talk about the history of this place, Hathni Kund belongs to the era of Raja Maharajas. It is said to be more than five hundred years old. In ancient times, kings used to come to this place for hunting.

Hathni Kund was the origin of the Dravyavati river flowing through the middle of Jaipur, that is, the Dravyavati river used to start flowing from this place. In ancient times this river used to flow for many months.

It is said that Raja Sawai Madho Singh II had built a dam here whose broken wall is still visible on the way before reaching the waterfall.

In the year 1981, on 23 July, 32.6 cm i.e. 326 mm of rain fell in one day, due to which this dam broke and the city of Jaipur was flooded.

Places to visit near Hathni Kund

If we talk about the places to visit around Hathni Kund, then you can see Charan Mandir, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort etc. on the hill of Nahargarh.

The Jalmahal is very beautiful visible from the hill of Nahargarh. Often people keep coming here for photography.

How to visit Hathni Kund?

Now let us talk about how to reach Hathni Kund?

It is said that the journey is more fun than the destination. This thing proves to be absolutely true when you go to Hathni Kund. The more fun it is to see this place, the more fun it is to go here.

Hathni Kund is situated in the middle of the forest behind Charan Mandir on the hill of Nahargarh. One has to walk about one to one and a half kilometer from Charan Mandir to Hathni Kund.

The total distance of Hathni Kund from Jaipur Railway Station is about 17 kms. One can come by bike or car from Jaipur railway station via Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal to Charan Mandir situated on the hill of Nahargarh.

Charan Mandir comes three to four kilometers before the fort of Nahargarh. You can park your vehicle in front of Charan Mandir.

There is a rocky path from Charan Mandir to Hathni Kund. After going a little further from Charan Mandir, this path divides into two paths.

From here you have to go on the left side path. Surrounded by thick trees on both sides, this path is very rocky and bumpy at many places.

On going ahead, a well comes on the left side. It is filled till the top in the rains but it is a very deep well.

Next comes a dirt road. Water keeps flowing here during the rainy season. This flowing water falls into the pool below through a waterfall.

From here onwards one has to descend and cross a big earthen mound. Here water is found coming from the left side ahead. This water also gets mixed in the spring water.

In front of this one has to climb straight on the stone. One has to climb and descend very carefully here because this stone is very slippery.

A little further from the stone, there is a tomb of Shri Budh Giri Naga Baba. His footprints remain here. If you go ahead next to the mausoleum, you have to get down.

After going down a lot, stairs are made and the waterfall is visible in front. The temple of Hathuneshwar Mahadev is built near the waterfall.

If you visit during the rainy season then you can get to see the waterfall. This waterfall is not visible except during the rainy season.

If you are fond of adventure as well as trekking and hiking, then you will definitely like this place. To enjoy this place to the fullest, it is best to visit during the rainy season.

So that's all for today, hope you have liked this information given by us. Stay connected with us for such new information.

See you soon with new information. Till then thanks and regards.

Map Location of Hathni Kund Jaipur

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Aathuni Kund Waterfall Jaipur Waterfall in the middle of the mountains in Jaipur


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