Arab Invasion in India - Fight between Dahir Sen and Arabs

Arab Invasion in India - Fight between Dahir Sen and Arabs, it tells about the history of Arab invasion on India through Sindh estate of King Dahir.

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India confronted many invasions made by the Arabs and the Turks in a very extended way than the other countries.

There must be many intentions of the Arabs behind making these invasions. So, the main reasons behind the Arab Invasion were:

1. Islam has organised the Arabians and fill them with an immense desire of religion propagation in them. So, like in the other countries, the circulation of their religion encouraged them to invade upon India.

2. The economic prosperity and wealth of India was on the peak that time. So, they wanted to attain all that wealth in the form of invasion.

3. The Khalifa was both the religious and political head of the Islamic. So, the expansion of the empire was also there.

Arab Invasion

In India the Arabian invasion was started in 632 CE (Century) after the death of Prophet Mohammad. In 636 CE the Arabians tried to loot a place named Thane in Mumbai under the leadership of Umar Khalifa, but they won’t get success.

With the passage of time, the Arabia army occupied Kirmar, Siestan and Makrana which lies on the other side of Sindh under the leadership of Abdullah.

Fight between Dahir Sen and the Arabs

In the time period of 711 CE, the local pirates of Sindh looted an Arabian Ship at the local port of Debal. At that time a Brahmin ruler Dahir Sen used to rule upon Sindh. He has a huge empire.

The boundaries of the kingdom of Dahir extend till Kashmir in the north and up to Kannauj of the Pratiharas in the east.In the west, the region of Makran or Balochistan was included in his domain.

As a reasonable explanation was not given by Dahir Sen on the incident of the loot of Arabian Ship, the Governor of Iran, Hijjaj made it an immediate cause and sent his army to do an attack or invade upon Sindh after taking the permission from Khalifa Walid.

The two commanders of Hijjaj, Ubaidullah and Budail had to face death and put to death in the two initial campaigns.

After this defeat, Hijjaj sent his nephew and son-in-law, Muhammad bin Qasim, who has been just about seventeen year.

As soon as he reached Debal, he prepared for siege the city, but a huge 120 foot temple surrounded by a strong wall came in between.

A traitor, a priest from the temple adjoined the Arabs and he gave them a very important information about the temple.

The information was till that red flag tied with a charm continued to wave upon the temple, the city could not be trounced.

As Muhammad bin Qasim got this information he dropped the flag with the help of “Manjanik” (also known as harpoons).

After the falling of the flag all the soldiers, who were there to save the city loses the hope of winning and this thing encouraged the Arab soldiers.

After occupying the city Qasim killed too many peoples who were bigger than the age of 17 years and imprisoned those who were smaller children and women.

He looted the temple and got a huge amount of money and wealth, whose fifth part was sent to Hijjaj and the rest was distributed among the army. After this he occupied Nerun, Sehwan and Sesam also.

Then finally, a fierce battle took place between the Indian and Arab armies, and the battle was known as the Battle of Rawar. While killing the enemies, Dahir reached in the middle of the Arab army along with his companions.

Dahir was on an elephant and was bravely confronting his enemies along with his companions. Suddenly, an arrow pierced his body and he received martyrdom.

After this the queen of Sindh or we can say the wife of Dahir Sen, Rani Bai tried to save the fort from the Arabs. But after becoming unsuccessful in this she committed Jauhar and protected her dignity.

In the war, Muhammad bin Qasim stand victorious and by winning he got control upon Brahmanabad. There he (Qasim) met Dahir’s second wife Ladi and his (Dahir’s) two daughters Surya Devi and Parmal Devi.

After Brahmanabad, Qasim also occupied the capital Alor and Multan. The victory on the Multan was the last victory for Arabs in India.

They got such a massive wealth in Multan, that they changed the name of the place from Multan to “Swarna Nagar”.


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