Baghdara Nature Park Udaipur - Zipline over crocodiles

Baghdara Nature Park Udaipur - Zipline over crocodiles, it tells about wildlife as crocodiles, panthers and adventures as zipline at Baghdara Park Udaipur.

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Do you want to have a closer look at the environment and wildlife, do you want to spend the night in the middle of it, do you like adventure activities, if yes then Baghdada Nature Park is the perfect place for you.

Which are the wildlife in Baghdada Nature Park?

This place is famous for natural beauty as well as about 17 types of wild animals. Crocodile is the most prominent among these wild animals.

Apart from crocodile, wildlife like leopard, mongoose, black-tailed mongoose, hyena, python, star tortoise, rabbit, snake, peacock, owl, jackal, rose, nilgai, langur, pheasant, quail etc. are also present here.

Baghdada Nature Park is spread over an area of 368.71 hectares. You need your personal vehicle to roam in it because there is a 10 kilometer long road to roam in the park.

On this long path, you can see many types of animals roaming like snakes, pythons, panthers etc. Due to the presence of wild animals, one should not go alone for roaming but should go in a group.

Main attractions of Baghdada Nature Park

The main attraction of the park is a big pond about two-and-a-half kilometers from the main gate, in which more than 20 crocodiles live. These crocodiles are often seen sunbathing on the shores. Most of the crocodiles live inside the water.

There are five view points around the pond from where the natural beauty of the pond and its surroundings can be seen and felt peacefully. Many types of rare birds are also seen here.

A zipline also passes over the pond. Seeing the condition of this zipline, it seems that it is not in working condition now.

The zipline starts from the other end of the pond, for which one has to go around the whole pond several kilometers long.

Apart from zipline, there are swings, scaffolding and tree walk etc. made on trees for other adventures but their condition is also not good.

Gondal, Salar, Ber, Rosewood, Date Palm, Sycamore, Peepal, Rohan, Churail, Kumath etc. are present in this wild park full of dry deciduous and thorny trees.

Tent Stay and Camping in Udaipur at Baghdara Nature Park

The nature park comes under the Forest Department, but a private company operates the eco-tents set up for overnight stay. To stay in the eco tent, a separate ticket has to be taken.

Earlier, a large number of tourists used to come here, but after starting night tourism here in the year 2014, the arrival of tourists has increased a lot.

History of Baghdara Nature Park

If we talk about the history of this place, in the olden times this area was the hunting ground of the Maharanas, where the Maharanas of Udaipur used to come for hunting.

Even today there are two hodis for hunting, Janani and Mardani. The queen used to hunt with Janani Hodi. Recently, the central government has declared this nature park as a reserve conservation area for crocodiles.

Till now this park was just a reserve forest, but due to the declaration of Conservation Reserve, now human activities will stop here.

Ticket Price of Baghdara Nature Park

The ticket price in Nature Park is not high. The price of a ticket here is twenty rupees. For foreign nationals it is Rs 160. The ticket for a two wheeler is Rs 20 and for a car is Rs 130.

Tourist Places to Visit near Baghdara Nature Park

Gupteshwar Mahadev, Jhameshwar Mahadev, Udayasagar Talab etc. are prominent in the nearby tourist places.

How to Reach at Baghdara Nature Park?

The distance of the main gate of Baghdada Nature Park is about 18 kilometers from Udaipur Railway Station. You can go here by bike or car.

If you want to see nature closely, if you want to feel the life of wildlife, if you want to spend some time with peace away from the urban hustle and bustle then you must visit this place.

Map Location of Baghdara Nature Park

Images of Baghdara Nature Park

Baghdara Nature Park Udaipur Zipline over crocodiles


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