Chandreshwar Mahadev Temple Jhadol - Why Bholenath called the god of justice

Chandreshwar Mahadev Temple Jhadol - Why Bholenath called the god of justice, it tells about God of Justice located in Chandwas in Jhadol Udaipur.

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You must have seen that Baba Bholenath resides in different forms in the temples built at different places. Most of the temples of Bholenath have some specialty or the other.

Today we are going to tell you about one such temple of Bholenath which remains submerged in water for four to five months in a year. In these months the Shivling also remains completely submerged.

Along with this, the biggest feature of this temple is that here Bholenath is worshiped as the god of justice. In this way Bholenath settles the disputes of the people like a judge.

So today we know about this unique temple, which along with being the center of people's faith is also a major center for solving their problems. So let's get started.

Chandreshwar Mahadev Temple Visit and Speciality

This unique temple of Mahadev built on the banks of river Mansi is known by the name of Chandreshwar Mahadev Temple.

Every year during the rainy season, a large part of the temple gradually submerges in water and remains submerged for about four to five months.

Sometimes the water rises so much that even the Shivling gets submerged in the water about 6 feet deep. In the month of Sawan, it seems as if Mother Ganga herself has come to anoint Bholenath.

For these four to five months, the Shivling remains completely submerged in water. At this time devotees are not able to visit the temple of Bholenath.

Why does Chandreshwar Mahadev's temple get submerged in water?

Seeing the temple submerged in water, this question must be coming in your mind that why this temple gets submerged in water.

Actually this temple is built on the banks of Mansi river. In ancient times this temple did not submerge in water and devotees used to visit the temple throughout the year to have darshan of Mahadev.

But in the year 2005, the water of this Mansi river was stopped and the Mansi Wakal dam was built on it, due to which this temple came under the submergence area of this dam.

Now every year during the rainy season, as this dam starts filling up, this temple starts submerging in water. In case of overflow of the dam, this temple gets submerged in water up to about 10 feet.

Later, as the water level of the dam decreases with time, this temple comes out of the water. By the month of March the temple comes completely out of the water.

Broadly speaking, the temple is filled with water from the month of Sawan till the festival of Shivratri. After Shivratri the water gets reduced.

History of Chandreshwar Mahadev Temple

If we talk about the construction of this temple, then this temple was built in the year 1590 by a Banjara. Since that time this temple is a great center of faith in the surrounding area.

Why is Chandreshwar Mahadev called the god of justice?

Ever since this temple was built, Chandreshwar Mahadev is worshiped as the god of justice. It is believed here that only Mahadev solves all kinds of disputes and mutual problems.

In the event of a mutual dispute, both the parties are made to swear by placing their hands on the Shivling. After this, considering Bholenath as the judge, the decision of truth and falsehood is left to him.

It is believed that no one swears falsely after placing hands on the Shivling. If someone takes a false oath, he has to suffer physical, mental and financial problems.

Why was there a need for a new temple of Chandreshwar Mahadev?

As we told you that the temple of Chandreshwar Mahadev remains submerged in water for four to five months.

Devotees could not visit Bholenath for so long due to the submergence of the temple in water, hence the need for a new temple of Bholenath was felt.

A trust was formed for the construction and development of the temple. The trust got a beautiful temple of Bholenath constructed, in which a large idol of Mahadev is enshrined.

Now people come to visit Bholenath in the main temple as well as in this new temple. A beautiful garden has been developed around the temple. Some statues have also been installed in this garden.

Next to this new temple, there are stairs a little ahead. These stairs lead to the main temple. The main temple of Chandreshwar Mahadev immersed in water looks very beautiful.

Mansi Wakal Dam

Now let us also know a little about the dam, after coming under submergence, the main temple of Chandreshwar Mahadev gets submerged in water.

Mansi Wakal Dam is also called as Gaurana Dam because of its location near Gaurana village. In the year 2005, Mansi Wakal Dam was constructed on Mansi River at a cost of 60 crores.

The storage capacity of this dam is 581.20 metres. This is known as Dewas first phase. Water is supplied to the city of Udaipur from this dam.

Places To Visit Near Chandreshwar Mahadev Temple

If we talk about the places to visit near Chandreshwar Mahadev Temple, then there are some places near this temple which can be seen.

Malpur Mahadev Temple and Mansi Wakal Dam are prominent in these places. Both these places are nearby. The Harihar temple of Badrana is a few kilometers ahead of Jhadol.

How to reach Chandreshwar Mahadev Temple?

Chandreshwar Mahadev Temple is situated at a distance of 56 km from Udaipur in Chandwas village near Mansi Wakal Dam. Due to being built in Chandwas village, this temple is also known as Chandwas Mahadev.

The distance from Jhadol to Chandwas Mahadev is about 9 kms. To go from Udaipur to Chandwas Mahadev, you have to take the highway till Jhadol Bypass.

From here, instead of going to Jhadol town, going a little ahead of the bypass, you have to go under the overbridge on the right side till Brahmino Ka Kherwada. From here the road on the left side leads directly to the temple of Chandwas Mahadev.

Another way to go here from Udaipur comes through Ubeshwar Mahadev but it is a single road. There are mountains and forests all around this road.

If someone who knows the way is with you, then the fun of going through this road is different. If you do not know this path, then you should not go through this path alone.

Hope you have liked this information given by us. Stay connected with us for such new information. See you soon with new information.

Till then thanks and regards.

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Chandreshwar Mahadev Temple Jhadol Why Bholenath called the god of justice


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