Chetak Naala Haldighati - How Chetak crossed a 22 feet drain?

Chetak Naala Haldighati - How Chetak crossed a 22 feet drain? it tells about Maharana Pratap's horse Chetak crossing a 22 feet drain near Haldighati.

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Whenever the name of Maharana Pratap is taken, the name of his horse Chetak is also taken along with him. Chetak was the same devotee horse who sacrificed his life to save the life of Maharana Pratap.

He left the battlefield of Haldighati and crossed the 22 feet wide drain in the nearby mountains in one jump and took Maharana Pratap to a safe place.

In the memory of this Chetak, Chetak's mausoleum is built at a place named Balicha, a few kilometers away from the battlefield of Haldighati, which is known as Chetak Smarak or Chetak Chabutara.

This mausoleum was built as a memorial by Maharana Pratap himself under his supervision. This mausoleum is built next to the ancient temple of Mahadev.

Nearby from here is the drain which Chetak had crossed in one jump carrying Maharana Pratap on his back. Now this drain is also called Haldighati drain.

The width of this drain is about 22 feet. Due to lack of water flow and thorny trees and bushes, this drain no longer looks like a drain. It looks like a ditch.

If you go a little further down the drain, you can still see some water flowing. During the rainy season, this water increases and takes the form of a small rain drain.

In ancient times, this drain used to flow most of the time. When it rained, a lot of water would come into it due to which it would start flowing very fast.

On June 18, 1576, when the battle of Haldighati took place, there was very heavy rain, due to which this drain became very wide and started flowing rapidly.

Due to rain water, the blood that had flowed on the battlefield also mixed with water and took the form of a pond which is called Rakt Talai.

Something happened in the war that one of Chetak's legs was cut off by the sword on the trunk of Mansingh's elephant in the battlefield, but still Chetak kept running into the war with Maharana.

Later, as per the war policy, when Maharana was leaving the war, some Mughal soldiers followed him.

Chetak came running to this drain with Maharana Pratap and without hesitation crossed the 22 feet wide drain in one jump.

After crossing the drain, he went some distance away near a tamarind tree, fell down and gave up his life. This tamarind tree is known as Khodi Imli.

By taking Maharana Pratap to a safe place, Chetak became so immortal in history that today whenever Maharana Pratap's name comes anywhere, Chetak's name definitely comes along with it.

Most of the statues of Maharana Pratap are sitting on Chetak, without Chetak his statue is in very few places.

Maharana Pratap Memorial is built on the nearby hill. Here there is a statue of Maharana Pratap sitting on Chetak.

From this place there is a beautiful view all around. Forests are visible all around. If you are going to Haldighati then you must visit this monument of Chetak.

Places to visit near Chetak Naala

If we talk about the places to visit near Chetak drain, then you can see Chetak's Samadhi, Haldighati Pass, Maharana Pratap Memorial, Maharana Pratap's Cave, Badshahi Bagh, Rakt Talai etc.

How to reach Chetak Naala?

Now let us talk about how to reach Chetak drain. Chetak Nala is situated in the middle of the hills at a place called Balicha near the pass of Haldighati.

The distance here from Udaipur railway station is about 45 kilometers. To go from Udaipur to Chetak drain, you have to take a right turn from Iswal ahead of Ghasiyar on Udaipur-Gogunda Highway and go through Losing.

To go towards this drain, you have to turn towards the left side of the road leading towards Maharana Pratap Memorial in front of Chetak Samadhi in Balicha.

Since there is no board on the turn, most of the people are not able to know about this drain and they move ahead towards the memorial.

If you go ahead on the drain path, you will see a round wall. This round wall was built years ago at this place to install the statue of Maharana Pratap along with Chetak.

From here, the drain is visible in front of which Chetak had jumped about 22 feet long to cross this side end.

In the end, I have to say that if you want to feel the sacrifice of Maharana Pratap's devotee horse Chetak, then you must see this Chetak drain.

Map Location of Chetak Nala

Images of Chetak Nala

Chetak Naala Haldighati How Chetak crossed a 22 feet drain


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