Dholiya Ji Gogunda Udaipur - Feel the Beauty of Clouds

Dholiya Ji Gogunda Udaipur - Feel the Beauty of Clouds, it tells about the beautiful and green mountain of Dholiya Ji Bavji near Gogunda in Udaipur.

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Today we are going to take you on a trip to the top of the mountain, which is higher than the Kumbhalgarh Fort, which was used by Maharana Pratap as a watch tower.

Along with this, Maharana Pratap had lived in its foothills for some years. The remains of Maharana Pratap's palaces are still visible in the area around this mountain.

The peak of this mountain is so high that when seen from here during the rainy season, only white clouds are visible all around and during the winter season, white fog is visible all around.

Along with this, the highest peak of this mountain is also worshiped considering it to be the form of God. So let's start our journey to this mountain today.

Dholiya ji's journey and specialty

This mountain is called Dholiya Mountain which is also known as Dholagar or Dholegar Mountain. The height of its peak above sea level is 3880 feet, which is 280 feet higher than the peak of Kumbhalgarh.

Due to its high altitude and being surrounded by clouds during the rainy season, it is also called Mount Abu of Mewar.

As we have already told you that the peak of this mountain is so high that white clouds are visible below it in the rainy season and white fog is visible in the winter season.

Because of the white color visible from a distance, this place was named Dholiya Ji. If we look at the name of the mountain, we will find that the word Dholiya or Dholegar has been formed from the word Dhaval which means white.

Two rocks of Bheruji i.e. Kalaji Goraji are installed on the highest peak of Dholiya mountain. These rocks are considered to be the place of Dholiya ji Bavji i.e. Bheruji and are worshiped.

There are many bells installed here, when rung their echoes are heard for a long time. A very beautiful view is visible far and wide from here.

This place is associated with Maharana Pratap and is very good for mountaineering, sunrise and sunset. There is a flat plain at a height to the west of the Dholiya Mountains which is called the Maal area.

During the war period, Maharana Pratap along with his army lived in this Maal area. Even today, remains of Maharana Pratap's palace are found at the foothills of Dholiya Mountain. Maharana Pratap's palace was called Rani Kot.

There is a dense forest far and wide around this mountain in which wild animals live. There is a cement paved road to reach the top of the mountain.

It is said that this road leading from the bottom of the mountain to the top of Dholiya Ji was constructed with his own money by Tulsi Ram or Ram Lal Prajapat, a great devotee of Dholiya Ji.

You can understand the faith of that devotee who built a road on such a high mountain with his own money just so that other devotees could come here easily.

History of Dholiya ji

If we talk about the history of this place, it is said that during the time of Maharana Pratap, these two rocks of Dholiya ji were the same and were slightly hanging in the air. Their hanging in the air was considered a miracle.

It is said that Mughal Emperor Akbar came to this mountain of Dholiya Ji with his soldiers in search of Maharana Pratap. When Akbar went near this rock, the soldiers told him about the miracle of the rock.

Calling it a superstition, Akbar sent an elephant along with a mahout to topple the stone, but as soon as the mahout hit the elephant to topple the stone, the elephant and the mahout died at the same time.

Due to the impact of the elephant, the rock also got torn in two from which many small bees came out and attacked the Mughal soldiers. Mughal soldiers had to flee from there. These bees are called Bhamar Bavji in common language.

Later, when Jhala dynasty ruled Gogunda, Rajrana Jaswant Singh worshiped those two rocks. Since that time this place is called the place of Dholiya ji Bavji (Bheruji).

Some people also say that a saint named Dholiya ji had performed penance for many years at this place. Due to being the penance place of Saint Dholiya Ji, this place was named Dholiya Ji.

Places to visit near Dholiya Ji

Talking about the places to visit near Dholiya Ji, you can see the Chhatri of Maharana Udai Singh and Maharana Kheta Singh, Ranerao Pond, the coronation place of Maharana Pratap etc. at Mahasatya Sthal.

How to reach Dholiya Ji?

Dholiya Ji Ka Pahad is situated near Gogunda town in Udaipur. The distance from Udaipur to Gogunda is about 38 kilometers and the distance from Gogunda to Dholiya ji is about 8 kilometers.

You will have to go here by your own means. There is a road to the top of the mountain, you can go by car or bike.

National Highway is built from Udaipur to Gogunda. To go directly to Dholiya ji from Udaipur, you will have to go to Pratap Circle on the left side ahead of Government College on the highway, a little before Gogunda.

A few kilometers ahead of Pratap Circle on Gogunda-Ogana Road, you will have to go towards Rana village on the right side from the intersection. After going a little further, there comes a crossroads from where you have to take left and go straight.

The path coming from the right side at the intersection comes directly from the place where Maharana Udai Singh's Chhatri is located. Road condition is not good at many places on this route. It is a bit difficult to come from here by car but you can easily come by bike.

If we want to go to Dholiya ji directly from Maharana Udai Singh's Chhatri, then we will have to walk from there and come to this intersection.

If you go straight ahead from this intersection, you reach the foothills of Dholiya ji mountain. There is also a board installed here. Beyond this one has to climb about two to two and a half kilometers.

This road is very winding at places. It is a lot of fun to go up this winding road by bike. The road ends directly at Dholiya ji's place.

In the end, I have to say that if you are fond of traveling in the mountains, if you want to see nature amidst the mountains, then you should definitely visit Dholiya mountain.

That's all for today, we hope you liked the information given by us. Please share your opinion by commenting.

Stay with us for new information like this. See you again soon with new information, till then thanks, hello.

Map Location of Dholiya Ji

Images of Dholiya Ji

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