Doodh Talai Lake Udaipur - Most wonderful place to visit in Udaipur

Doodh Talai Lake Udaipur - Most wonderful place to visit in Udaipur,  it tells about some of the wonderful places to visit near Pichola Lake in Udaipur city.

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Today we will tell you about some places to visit in Udaipur city which all tourists coming to Udaipur must visit.

Spread over a distance of about half a kilometer, all these places are full of natural beauty and are quite beautiful. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, these places can be reached by winding roads.

The names of these places are Doodh Talai Lake, Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park, Karni Mata Ropeway, Manikya Lal Verma Garden, Ekling Garh and City Wall, Karni Mata Temple, Top Wale Baba Ki Mazar and Pichola Lake.

So today we tour all these places and see them closely. Let's start.

Tour and specialty of Doodh Talai

First of all let us talk about Dudh Talai. Doodh Talai is a small lake which is near the shore of Lake Pichola. It is connected to Pichola by a small canal.

When we go on a sail to Lake Pichola, we have to proceed along Dudh Talai Lake. Going further, on the right side, there is a door to a part of the City Palace of Udaipur which has now become a hotel.

This part of the City Palace is called Shiv Niwas Palace which has now been converted into a grand hotel. During the time of Maharana Fateh Singh, this used to be his palace.

There is a spiral road around Doodh Talai Lake. There are high mountains surrounding the lake, on two of which Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay and Manikya Lal Verma Park are built.

There are beautiful cenotaphs built in all four directions of Doodh Talai Lake. Colorful lights remain lit in these cenotaphs at night.

A beautiful view of Doodh Talai is visible from these cenotaphs. These cenotaphs are the best place for photography. It feels good to sit here for a while.

Now a question must be arising in your mind that why is this lake called Doodh Talai. Does it have anything to do with milk?

Let us tell you that Doodh Talai means milk pond. During the princely period, this pond was connected to the kitchen and cows of the royal family. The water of this pond was used by the royal family.

Along with this, the water of this pond was also used for drinking and bathing the cows of the royal family. Thus, due to its association with the cows of the royal family, this pond came to be called Doodh Talai.

Visit and Features of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park

Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park is built on a hill near Doodh Talai. This park is also called Rock Garden and Musical Fountain Garden.

There is a road on the hill to reach the park. The first Musical Fountain of Rajasthan was started in this park.

To enter the park, entry ticket has to be taken from the counter outside the park. The entry ticket rate is not high.

There is dense greenery inside the park and many types of trees and plants are planted. There is a statue of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay in the park.

The park also has Birds Watching Point, Selfie Point, Animal Statues and slides for children.

There is also a Sunset Point in the park from where it is very nice to watch the setting sun. You can also have a grand view of Lake Pichola as well as the City Palace.

Journey and specialty of Manshapurna Karni Mata Ropeway

There is a ropeway to reach Karni Mata temple on the second hill in front of Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park, the ticket window of which is situated in front.

This ropeway is called Manshapurna Karni Mata Ropeway. This is the first ropeway of Rajasthan. From this ropeway, you take a ride of about 4 minutes to reach the temple of Karni Mata, built at a height of about 500 meters on the hill in front.

During the ride, you get a beautiful view of Pichola, City Palace, Dudh Talai and the surrounding mountains.

Tour and features of Manikya Lal Verma Garden

Manikya Lal Verma Garden is built on a hill near Doodh Talai. Built in the year 1995, this garden is also called Doodh Talai Garden.

There is a gate to reach the garden on which Manshapurna Karni Mata Temple is written. There is a road to go up. This road leads to the garden on the hill.

A little before this gate, there are stairs at two or three places to reach the garden on foot. This garden is not at a high altitude, so you can also go to the garden on foot.

There is dense greenery and peace in the garden above. There is also an open gym here. There is a statue of Manikya Lal Verma in the park.

There is a very beautiful view of Dudh Talai and Pichola Lake from the park. The setting sun can be seen from here also.

There are stairs to reach the temple of Karni Mata on the mountain above this park. If you want to go to Karni Mata temple on foot, you will have to go through this park.

Visit and specialty of Ekling Garh and City Wall

The mountain surrounding Manikya Lal Verma Garden is in the shape of a fish. This mountain is called Machhala Magra. The temple of Karni Mata is built on this mountain.

This mountain has protected Mewar from the attacks of Marathas. To further strengthen this security, in the 17th century, Maharana Karan Singh built Ekling Garh on this mountain and started building a city wall.

Later, the entire construction of this fort was done by his Prime Minister Amarchand Barwa during the time of Maharana Ari Singh II.

An artillery was also built on this Ekaling Garh bastion and a big cannon named Dushman Bhanjak was installed. Even today you can see the Ekling Garh bastion on top of the mountain along with the fortifications all around.

Along with Ekaling Garh, the temple of Karni Mata and the Dargah of Top Wale Baba are also built on Machhala Magra mountain. There are some cenotaphs and watch towers also built on the mountain.

The entire Udaipur is visible from this mountain. From here you can have a spectacular view of the City Palace along with Lake Pichola.

The sun setting over Lake Pichola in the evening looks very beautiful. The beauty of Udaipur city increases a lot at night.

Pichola Lake Tour and Specialties

The lake of Pichola Lake is built near Doodh Talai. To reach this pal one has to pass along the Dudh Talai.

Both Jag Mandir and Jag Niwas are visible in Pichola Lake. The fun of boating in the lake is unique in itself.

Near the lake, you can enjoy fast food along with Camel Riding, Horse Riding on the road leading to Jal Burj.

Places to visit near Doodh Talai

If we talk about the places to visit near Doodh Talai, then you can see City Palace, Jungle Safari, Rose Garden etc.

How to reach Doodh Talai?

Now let us talk about how to go to Doodh Talai? Doodh Talai is situated near Lake Pichola. Its distance is about three and a half kilometers from Udaipur Railway Station and about three kilometers from Roadways Bus Stand.

From Udaipur Railway Station you can go to Doodh Talai via Udiya Pol, Gulab Bagh. Apart from this, you can also go to Doodh Talai from Udaipur Railway Station via Patel Circle.

If you want to enjoy mountains, lake, garden, ropeway along with camel and horse ride at one place, then you must visit Doodh Talai Lake.

That's all for today, we hope you liked the information given by us. Please share your opinion by commenting.

Stay with us for such new information. See you again soon with new information, till then thanks, regards.

Map Location of Doodh Talai

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Doodh Talai Lake Udaipur Most wonderful place to visit in Udaipur


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