Haldighati Real Pass - Original Darra of Haldighati where battle started

Haldighati Real Pass - Original Darra of Haldighati where battle started, it tells about the original pass of Haldighati or Real Darra of Haldighati.

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On June 18, 1576, the world-famous battle of Haldighati was fought between the army of Maharana Pratap and the army of Mughal emperor Akbar.

Because of this war, the land of Haldighati is so famous all over the world that there is a constant flow of tourists coming from all over the country and abroad.

All tourists want to see the original pass of Haldighati from where this war started. Due to lack of information about the actual Haldighati pass, most of the people consider a place on the road from Khamnore to Balicha as the pass of Haldighati.

Actually, this place is not the original pass of Haldighati, the original pass of Haldighati starts about four to five hundred meters ahead from here on the right side of the road.

First of all, we should understand this very well about Haldighati that Haldighati is not the name of any particular place. Haldighati is a forested area spread over a few kilometers and has many valleys.

This entire area is called Haldighati because the color of the soil found in the rocks and valleys here is yellow like turmeric.

In fact, the road leading from Badshahi Bagh of Khamnaur to Chetak Samadhi in Balicha has been built by cutting the hill.

As we told that the color of the soil of Haldighati is yellow, hence the color of the hills cut on both sides of this road is also very yellow. There is also a board installed here on which Haldighati is written.

Whenever a tourist passes through here, he considers this place to be the pass of Haldighati where the war between Maharana Pratap and Akbar's army started.

Seeing the yellow soil here, people consider it to be the original pass of Haldighati and start imagining how Bhil soldiers must have taken up positions on both sides of the hill, how Akbar's army must have been saved from the arrows of those Bhil soldiers.

Actually, this place is not the pass where the Bhil soldiers had taken up the position. At the time of the battle of Haldighati, there was neither this road nor any path here. At that time it was just a hill covered with trees and plants.

The reality is that this road has nothing to do with the Battle of Haldighati, but seeing the yellow color on both sides of the road, people consider it to be a pass.

Almost all the hills in Haldighati area are yellow in colour, if any other hill is also cut like this then it will also turn out to be yellow in colour.

In ancient times, there was no road and the movement from Khamnaur to Balicha was through that pass only.

Later, when the time came to widen the road, in order to maintain the original pass in its historical form, without disturbing it, the road was built by cutting this mountain.

Which is the original pass of Haldighati?

Now when it becomes clear that this is not the original Haldighati pass, then the question arises that then which is the original pass?

The original pass of Haldighati starts from the right side of the road after going about half a kilometer ahead of this cut road towards Balicha.

There is an old board indicating the beginning of the pass here and there is a gate ahead through which there is a walking path.

After going a little further inside this gate, the original pass of Haldighati begins in which the famous battle of Haldighati began.

The width of this pass passing through deserted valleys is not more than a few feet. The original pass has been slightly widened a few years ago.

It is said that at the time of the battle of Haldighati, the width of this pass was only so much that only one horseman could pass through it at a time.

Maharana Pratap's Bhil soldiers had taken positions in the hills on both sides of this pass so that even less soldiers could stop the more Mughal soldiers.

Maharana Pratap's guerilla warfare policy was successful as long as his army kept fighting in this pass, but as soon as the army came out of the pass, the Mughals started gaining the upper hand.

Only a few tourists know about this original pass of Haldighati, the rest move ahead after seeing the road built by cutting that hill.

Due to the negligence of the administration, this original pass of Haldighati is lying neglected. The place where the pass starts is not even visible to the travelers because there is no big board installed there which is clearly visible.

If a big board is installed at this place, then this place will be visible to the visitors and people will be able to stop here and feel the historicity of the real pass.

What is happening now is that the tourists who return considering the cut road as a pass, and later when they come to know that the place they had seen was not the Haldighati pass at all, then they feel quite deceived.

The administration should develop this place a little so that tourists can see it from inside also because there may be a danger of wild animals if they go inside.

Imagine, what will happen to you if you come from hundreds of kilometers away to see the Haldighati Pass, and due to lack of information, return after seeing some other place.

This is not only injustice to you, but also ignoring the legacy of Maharana Pratap. Therefore, whenever you go to Haldighati, do not get confused and do see the main pass of Haldighati, if not from inside then at least from outside.

Places to visit near Haldighati Pass

If we talk about the places to visit near Haldighati Pass, then you can see Chetak Ki Samadhi, Chetak Nala, Maharana Pratap Memorial, Maharana Pratap Cave, Badshahi Bagh, Rakt Talai etc.

How to reach Haldighati Real Pass?

Now let us talk about how to reach Haldighati Pass. Haldighati Pass is located in the Haldighati hills near Khamnaur village.

The distance here from Udaipur railway station is about 50 kilometers. To reach Haldighati Pass from Udaipur, you have to take a right turn from Iswal ahead of Ghasiar on the Udaipur-Gogunda Highway and go from Losing to Balicha.

After going a little further from Chetak Memorial in Balicha, Maharana Pratap Cave comes on the right side. A little further from here, at a turn, there is a board for Haldighati Pass on the left side.

Some information regarding this pass is also given here. The path towards the back goes from near this board. Going further, there is a gate to enter the pass.

After going a little further inside this gate, the original pass of Haldighati begins in which the famous battle of Haldighati began.

Because tourists do not know about the pass, you will not see anyone here. If you are alone then you should not go inside it because there may be some wild animal inside.

In the end, I have to say to you that if you really want to see closely the sacred soil in which the battle of Haldighati started, then you must visit this pass.

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Stay with us for new information like this. See you again soon with new information, till then thanks, regards.

Map Location of Real Pass of Haldighati

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Haldighati Real Pass Original Darra of Haldighati where battle started


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