Harihar Temple Badrana - Most Unique temple of India

Harihar Temple Badrana - Most Unique temple of India, it tells about a temple in which Idol shows Darshan of three gods in single statue.

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Today we are going to tell you about the only temple in the world where Lord Shiva and Krishna can be seen along with Lord Vishnu in the same idol.

There would probably be only one or two such temples in India where Shiva and Vishnu can be seen in the same idol. This idol is quite special as it houses three deities instead of two at once.

This idol is known as Harihara because it has both Hari i.e. Vishnu and Har i.e. Shankar together. It also includes Shri Krishna, a form of Vishnu.

This temple is built on the banks of Mansi river. Looking from here, natural beauty is visible all around. The river and the setting sun look very attractive in the evening.

So let's go to the place where this unique temple is located and know about this temple and that special idol enshrined in it. So let's get started.

Visit and specialty of Harihar Temple Badrana

The idol of Harihar ji is made in a single stone of black color in which there are three idols inside one idol. The biggest idol made among these idols is of Lord Vishnu which has four arms.

On the left side below the idol, there is a small Krishna idol with a peacock crown on his head. On the upper side there is a chakra in the hand and on the lower side there is a conch shell.

Below the statue, on the right side, there is an idol of Lord Shiva holding a snake. Shivji's hair has the moon and the stream of the Ganges. He has a trident in his hand.

There are two idols of Garuda outside the temple, one of which belongs to the same period as the idol. The second idol of Garuda was installed by Maharana Raj Singh of Mewar during the renovation of the temple.

On the statue of Garuda installed by Maharana Raj Singh, Maharana's name and Samvat information is engraved at the bottom.

History of Harihar Temple Badrana

According to the inscription of the Garuda statue, this statue was found in Vikram Samvat 1111 at the confluence of Mansi and Rovli river. This place is about one and a half to two kilometers away from the present Harihar temple.

Later this idol was installed on a platform at the present place. For hundreds of years this idol was worshiped on the platform in the form of Bhairav.

In fact, due to the presence of a trident in the hand of this idol of black stone and because both the idols below were considered as Gana, this idol was worshiped in the form of Bhairav for more than 500 years.

When Maharana Pratap was going towards Kamalnath Mahadev, seeing the conch and chakra in the hands of this idol, Vishnu temple was built at this place. From that time onwards this idol started being worshiped in the form of Vishnu.

Maharana Pratap named this place Bindarana in memory of the sacrifice of his Haldighati warrior Jhala Binda (Jhala Maan). With time this name changed to Badrana.

Let us tell you that one name of Jhala Man Singh of Badi Saadi was also Binda Rana. He was also called Mannaji.

Darshan and Festivals of Harihar Temple Badrana

The Sanchihar family has been doing the work of worshiping in the temple for the last eight generations. Seva Puja is performed in the temple according to the method of Vaishnava sect.

The maintenance of the temple is done by the members of the former royal family of Badrana and the officials of the Harihar Temple Committee.

Harihar ji's adornments are not in the curtain but in the open. Around eight o'clock in the morning the idol is bathed and decorated.

Due to the presence of Lord Shankar in the idol, the idol is bathed daily. Devotees can visit the temple anytime from morning Mangala to sleeping.

Major festivals of the temple include Dol Ka Mela after Holi and Annakoot Mela on the second day of Diwali. Along with this, festivities are also celebrated on Janmashtami and Nirjala Ekadashi.

The tradition of weighing Ashadhi Purnima in the temple is also going on for hundreds of years. The tradition of Ashadhi Tol gives an indication of how the rain will be.

Places to visit near Harihar Mandir Badrana

Kamalnath Mahadev, Chandreshwar Mahadev, Mansi Wakal Dam, Malpur Mahadev Temple etc. can be seen around this temple. All these places are within a range of 25-30 kms from here.

How to reach Harihar Temple Badrana?

The distance of Badrana village from Jhadol is about 5 kms and distance from Udaipur railway station is about 55 kms. Beyond Jhadol, there is a big door on the right side near Gogla.

There is a highway from Udaipur to this door. On entering from the door, Badrana village comes one and a half to two kilometers ahead.

If you are fond of traveling, if you like to visit new places, then you must visit this place.

So that's all for today, hope you have liked this information given by us. Stay connected with us for such new information.

See you soon with new information. Till then thanks and regards.

Map Location of Harihar Temple Badrana

Images of Harihar Temple Badrana

Harihar Temple Badrana Most Unique temple of India

Harihar Temple Badrana Udaipur


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