Idana Mata Temple Udaipur - Goddess takes Holy Fire Bath

Idana Mata Temple Udaipur - Goddess takes Holy Fire Bath, it tells about miraculous temple of Idana Mata near Udaipur for the treatment of Paralysis.

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Today we are going to take you to a temple of Mata, in which Mata herself takes a fire bath. In this fire bath, everything in the temple gets burnt to ashes except the idol of the Mother Goddess.

It is believed that if a paralyzed patient comes to this temple of Mata, he gets cured. It is also believed that people who do not have children, get children by coming here.

So today let us go to this temple, famous by the name of Maharani of Mewal and try to know all these things related to Mata. Let's start.

Tour and Speciality of Idana Mata Temple

Mata's temple is situated in a village amidst the Aravalli hills, full of natural beauty. Many natural views are visible on the way to the temple.

There are beautiful arched gates on the roads leading to the Mata temple. There is also a beautiful archway on the main door of the Mata temple.

From here one has to walk a little to reach the temple. There is a small square ahead. There is smoke under a tin shed in this square. In this, people offer coconut and tie a votive thread.

There is a big yellow colored building on one side of the ground. Mataji's temple is built in the front part of this building and Dharamshala is built in the back part.

When you go inside the temple by climbing the stairs, Mataji is sitting under a banyan tree in an open ground.

Due to Mataji taking fire bath, this banyan tree has been removed from the top of Mataji's statue.

Behind the idol of the Mother Goddess, there are tridents and chunris which are offered by the devotees after their wishes are fulfilled. When devotees get a child, they offer a swing.

An unbroken flame keeps burning inside a glass box near the mother. Mata's darshan is open 24 hours.

Fire Bath of Idana Mata

As we told you earlier that any time a fire automatically breaks out in this temple, in which everything except the idol of the Mother gets burnt.

This fire that started automatically in the temple is considered a miracle of the Mother and it is called the fire bath of the Mother.

This fire of fire bath keeps burning for many hours. The fire is very strong whose flames rise more than 20 feet high.

It is said that these flames of fire bath are visible up to 5 kilometers away. As soon as the fire bath is revealed in the temple, Mataji's jewellery is taken off.

This fire automatically extinguishes after the chunris, threads, puja material and adornment offered to the Mother Goddess gets burnt. After the fire bath, the temple is washed with Ganga water and the goddess is beautifully decorated.

The biggest reason for this temple being built in the open without a roof is the fire bath of the Mother Goddess. It is said that all the wishes of the devotees who have darshan of Mata's fire bath are fulfilled.

Reason for Idana Mata's fire bath

If we talk about the reason for fire bath then no one knows about it. It is believed that at that time the mother takes the form of Jwala Devi and takes a fire bath.

It is said that when Mata Rani is pleased with the devotees, she takes a fire bath to reduce the weight of the chunri, thread and adornment material brought as offerings.

When did Idana Mata take fire bath?

Now let us talk about when and how often Idana Mata took fire bath. Let us tell you that taking fire bath depends on the wish of the mother and there is no fixed time for it.

Although this tradition of taking mother's fire bath has been going on for thousands of years, but for now we will talk about the last two-three years only.

In the last two-three years, Mata has taken fire bath here on 24 March 2023, 28 March 2022, and 9 and 14 March 2021.

We can see that all these fire baths have taken place in the month of March only and sometimes fire baths have taken place twice in a month, sometimes only once in a year.

Treatment of Paralysis at Idana Mata Temple

A special belief about the temple is that people suffering from paralysis are cured in this temple. All the paralysis patients come and sleep in the open ground in front of the idol of Mother Goddess at night.

There is a belief that if one sleeps in the ground in front of the Mother Goddess, the Mother casts her shadow on him, due to which the paralysis of the patients gets cured.

Patients whose paralysis is cured, make a silver or wooden part similar to their recovered limb and offer it in the temple.

Complete arrangements for accommodation and food for paralyzed patients are made in the temple premises. Both Dharamshala and Bhojanshala are present here.

History of Idana Mata

If we talk about the history of the temple, it is considered to be from the time of Pandavas. It is believed that during the Mahabharata period, Pandavas had worshiped the Mother Goddess here.

Along with this, when Asia's largest freshwater Jaisamand Lake was constructed, Maharana Jai Singh also came here and worshiped the Mother Goddess.

It is said that this mother appeared under a banyan tree. Once a saint was passing by here, Mataji appeared to him in the form of a girl and asked him to stop here.

Then the saint stopped here and started his penance. Due to the penance of the saint this place became quite miraculous. Here the wishes of the devotees started getting fulfilled.

It is said that earlier every Sunday a light snake was seen here but now only a lucky person can see it. This snake of light is called Chiti, by seeing which all the wishes are fulfilled.

Places to visit near Idana Mata

If we talk about the places to visit near this temple of Mata, then you can see Hadi Rani's Palace in Salumber, Jaisamand Lake, Jagat Ambika Temple, Jhameshwar Mahadev Temple etc..

How to visit Idana Mata Temple?

Now let us talk about how to reach this temple of Mata?

First of all, let us tell you that this mother is called the Queen of Mewal. Actually Mewal is an area of Mewar which consists of 52 villages.

Among these villages, this temple of Mataji is built in a village named Idana. Because of being in Idana village, this temple of Mataji is called Idana Mata.

The distance from Udaipur Railway Station to Idana Mata Temple is approximately 60 kilometers. To reach here, you have to take a right turn from Debari on Udaipur-Chittorgarh Highway and go via Sakroda, Kurabad, Bambora.

The distance here from Jaisamand Lake is about 30 kilometers and from Salumber about 25 kilometers. Road condition is fine from all sides.

If you are interested in seeing religious tourist places full of miracles then you must visit this miraculous temple of Idana Mata.

That's all for today, we hope you liked the information given by us. Please share your opinion by commenting.

Stay with us for new information like this. See you again soon with new information, till then thanks, regards.

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Idana Mata Temple Udaipur Mata takes Holy Fire Bath


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