Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur - 2000 years old Shivling and Waterfall

Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur - 2000 years old Shivling and Waterfall, it tells about Kundeshwar Mahadev having Holy river Ganga with waterfall.

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There is such a Shiva temple in Rajasthan which, apart from being 2000 years old, has also been the center of penance for many ascetics.

The Ganges itself is flowing in the form of a river near the temple, which further takes the form of a perennial spring.

Being situated in the forest between the hills, this place is a major center of faith as well as tourism. People here enjoy the darshan of Bholenath as well as take a bath in the waterfall.

The temple is situated under a huge banyan tree which is hundreds of years old. This banyan tree spread over a very wide area makes this place like a land of gods.

Today we go to this picturesque place and have darshan of 2000 years old Shivling. So let's get started.

Tour and specialty of Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple

This temple of Mahadev, located in the forest area between the mountains, is said to be about 2000 years old. There is a road leading to the temple.

A huge banyan tree is planted on a huge space above the temple. Due to the emergence of new roots at different places in this tree, the original root is not known at all.

There is an ancient inscription outside the temple. This inscription gives information about a Paramara king who did penance at this place 2000 years ago.

Being in Kunda village, this temple is known as Kundeshwar Mahadev. It is said that this Shivling was found during the digging of a kund.

A huge Shivling is enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Nandi is sitting in front of Shivling. Due to the restoration of the temple, now its originality has been lost.

In front of the temple, the idol of Nandi and Ganesha made of white stone is placed under the banyan tree. There is a small Shiva temple built nearby.

Near this Shiva temple, there are different idols built around a four faced stone. This stone with four idols seems to be very old.

There is a tomb of a saint near this temple. It is said that a long time ago at this place a saint took samadhi alive for penance. It is believed that even today that saint is doing penance inside this mausoleum.

Ganges River of Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple

A river is flowing beside the temple which is believed to be the form of river Ganga. The origin of this river is about one kilometer away from here. The idol of Ganga Mata is installed at the place of origin.

It is said that Ganga Mata appeared here on the request of Meera Bai's Guru Ravidas ji. From that time till today, Ganga Mata is flowing continuously.

Many ghats are built on this river next to the Kundeshwar Mahadev temple. This water of the river is considered as Gangajal and it is called the fourth paya of Gangaji.

The water of the river Ganges flows throughout the year. The people of the nearby areas who cannot go to Haridwar immerse the bones of their relatives in the water of this kund.

We have proof that the water here is very holy. It is said that the water of the Ganges never gets spoiled, that is, no life is ever born in it.

We had also brought a bottle full of water from this river. This water today is very clean even after about 10 months and has not deteriorated.

Waterfall of Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple

This river Ganga goes a little further from here and falls down in the form of a waterfall. This waterfall is the biggest attraction of this place. People keep coming to bathe in this waterfall.

There is a footpath in front of the temple to reach the waterfall. Water is found flowing further on this path. You have to go down a bit through this flowing water.

Mataji's place is near the temple, on which all the goddesses of 36 communities are sitting. Those who worship here tell that snakes live in many places in this waterfall.

When we looked into this, we saw that there were actually snakes in the crevices of the rock under the water falling down the waterfall. If you look carefully, you will see some snakes.

When we talked about this to the priest of Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple, he said that there are many snakes living everywhere inside the river, but these snakes never bite anyone.

It may be that these snakes do not bite anyone but still you should be very careful while visiting here.

History of Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple

If we talk about the history of this temple, then this temple is said to be about two thousand years old. At that time this place was ruled by Rajput kings of Parmar dynasty.

It is said that at this place a king of Parmar dynasty had done severe penance to Lord Shiva. To make the penance successful, the king cut off his head and offered it to Mahadev.

Later an inscription giving information about the penance of the king was placed in the temple which is still present near the entrance of the temple.

Places to visit near Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple

If we talk about the places to visit near Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple, then the 7th century Vishnu Temple, Kukdeshwar Mahadev Temple, Shrinathji of Ghasiyar, Eklingji of Kailashpuri and Saas Bahu Temple of Nagda etc. are great places to visit nearby.

How to reach Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple?

Now let's talk about how to reach this temple of Kundeshwar Mahadev?

This temple is built in Kunda village, about 32 kilometers from Udaipur. Here, according to your convenience, you can go through either of the two routes.

To go through the first route, you have to take a right turn on the National Highway going from Udaipur to Gogunda, a little ahead of the Shrinathji temple in Ghasiyar and go via Kishaniyawad.

Instead of going ahead towards Rajput Basti, take a left turn. From here you have to climb a bit. Take right turn above and go straight to Kundeshwar Mahadev.

You can use the second route when you have to go directly to Kailashpuri from here or come here from Kailashpuri.

To go to Kailashpuri from here, you have to get down from the temple and take a right turn after going a few kilometers ahead through Rajput Basti. Next we have to go to Kailashpuri via Rama village.

To come here from Kailashpuri one has to come directly via Rama village. If you want to go to Kukdeshwar Mahadev from here, you can take a left turn from Rama village and go further down the valley.

If you visit here during the rainy season or just after it, you will get to see dense greenery along with gushing waterfalls.

So that's all for today, hope you have liked this information given by us. Stay connected with us for such new information.

See you soon with new information. Till then thanks and greetings.

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Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur 2000 years old Shivling and Waterfall


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