Maharana Udai Singh Cenotaph - Mausoleum of the Founder of Udaipur

Maharana Udai Singh Cenotaph - Mausoleum of the Founder of Udaipur, it tells about the cenotaph of Maharana Udai Singh on Ranerav Talab in Gogunda.

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You must be aware that the city of Udaipur, famous as the city of lakes, was established by Maharana Udai Singh, the father of Maharana Pratap.

But do you know where Maharana Udai Singh, the founder of Udaipur, died, where and in what condition his mausoleum is today.

Today we will talk about the Chhatri built as the mausoleum of Maharana Udai Singh and learn about the history of this place.

So let's go to the tomb of Maharana Udai Singh and see his Cenotaph, so let's start.

Journey and specialty of Maharana Udai Singh Cenotaph

A total of 17 chhatris are built on the banks of the Khetla pond built by Maharana Kheta, which belong to Maharana Kheta, Maharana Udai Singh and other Rajranas. This place is also known as Mahasatya Sthal or Mahasatiya.

The biggest among these Cenotaphs is the Cenotaph of Maharana Kheta, which till now everyone has been considering it as the umbrella of Maharana Uday Singh. Built on a high platform, this chhatri is of 8 pillars.

There is an inscription-like stone near the steps of this chhatri, on which the writing has probably been eroded. There is a Shivling in the center above the cenotaph.

The texture of the cenotaph seems to be five to six hundred years old. Its circular roof made of stones displays the craftsmanship of that time.

Some part of a dilapidated temple is present near the Chhatri of Maharana Kheta. Looking at this part of the temple it shows that it was a very big temple before it was destroyed.

This temple was probably a Shiva temple which was built by Maharana Kheta along with this pond. Over time, this temple got destroyed due to lack of maintenance. At the same time, people have also caused great damage to it due to their greed for buried treasure.

Near this temple there are some groups of five cenotaphs built together. These cenotaphs are the umbrellas of Jhala Rajranas here.

Many of these cenotaphs have inscriptions from that time written on them which provide information about these cenotaphs. On a platform near the pond, an image of a woman beside a horseman is carved on white marble.

Khetla pond is spread far in front in which lotuses are blooming at many places. There is a path near these chhatris on the other side of which is the chhatri of Maharana Udai Singh.

In the middle of this chhatri made of white marble, there is a Sati pillar with folded hands of Maharana Udai Singh and his three queens. The upper part of this umbrella was built just a few months ago.

Earlier, Maharana Udai Singh's chhatri was only in the form of a platform on which only the Sati pillar was installed. No one could even know about this cenotaph and all the people coming here considered Maharana Kheta's cenotaph to be Uday Singh's cenotaph.

When we visited here, the construction work of Maharana Udai Singh's Chhatri was going on along with the renovation of other Chhatris.

Now this chhatri has been renovated. The lower part of the cenotaph is from the time of its construction but the upper part of the cenotaph is completely new.

A small temple of Sati Mata is built near this chhatri of Maharana Udai Singh. This temple is considered to be earlier than Maharana Kheta.

There is a big pond near Khetla Pond which is called Ranerao Pond. This pond was built by a queen of Maharana Mokal.

Shivalinga is situated on the shore of the pond, near which a statue of a very ancient Mother Goddess is installed. A beautiful pal is being made on this pond on which many cenotaphs have been constructed.

Jaleshwar Mahadev's temple is built on the other end of the pond. This temple is also said to be very ancient.

Ranerao pond also has religious significance because every year on Jal Jhulni Ekadashi, devotees bring Ram Rewaris from the village temples and bathe Thakurji in this pond.

Currently, Ranerao Pond and Mahasatya site are being developed under the Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rurban Mission Scheme of the Central Government.

History of Maharana Udai Singh Cenotaph

If we talk about the history here, then Maharana Kheta i.e. Maharana Kshetra Singh got the Gogunda's palace renovated along with the construction of a pond near it.

This pond is called Khetla pond after the name of Maharana Kheta. Maharana also built a temple on the banks of this pond, the remains of which are still present today.

After the death of Maharana Kheta, he was cremated near the pond and a mausoleum was built in his memory which still exists in the form of a cenotaph.

A queen of Maharana Mokal, the grandson of Maharana Kheta, built another pond near the Khetla pond, which was known as "Rani Ro Talab". With time the name of this pond changed from "Rani Ro Talab" to Ranerao Talab.

After the death of Maharana Udai Singh on the day of Holi on February 28, 1572, he was cremated on the banks of the Khetla pond.

Along with this, an cenotaph was constructed at the cremation site in his memory, but due to lack of maintenance, that cenotaph was completely destroyed except the lower part.

Places to visit near Maharana Udai Singh Cenotaph

If we talk about the places to visit near Maharana Udai Singh's cenotaph, then Gogunda Mahal, Maharana Pratap's coronation place, Dholiya Ji Parvat etc. are the main places.

How to visit Maharana Udai Singh Cenotaph?

Now let's talk about how to get to the Chhatri of Maharana Udai Singh. Maharana Udai Singh's Chhatri is built on the banks of Khetla pond near Gogunda town in Udaipur.

The distance from here to Udaipur railway station is about 40 kms. National Highway has been built from Udaipur to Gogunda.

The distance from Gogunda Bus Stand to Uday Singh Ki Chhatri is about two and a half kilometers. Gogunda Mahal from Bus Stand, Power House from opposite St Paul's School can be reached here.

During the rainy season, the water of the pond flows over the road, due to which the view of the road also becomes very beautiful.

If you want to see closely the Chhatri of Maharana Udai Singh, the founder of Udaipur and father of the brave martyr Maharana Pratap, then you should definitely go here.

That's all for today, we hope you liked the information given by us. Do tell your opinion by commenting.

Stay with us for new information like this. See you again soon with new information, till then thanks and regards.

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