Malpur Mahadev Temple - Artistic temple like Ajanta Ellora

Malpur Mahadev Temple - Artistic temple like Ajanta Ellora, it tells about the Mahadev mandir and old fort of Malpur village near Udaipur.

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Malpur was a place under Udaipur during the princely period. Once this place was occupied by 12 villages. Here Lunavat Rajputs ruled. These people were the descendants of the rulers of Chittorgarh, who came here from Chittor.

History and specialty of Malpur Mahadev Temple

For more than the last six centuries, the temple of Mahadev is still standing in Malpur as it is. There are many artistic idols around this temple, in which some work is inspired by art.

This temple is made without the use of lime, that means only stones have been used to make it. The stones have been carved and set, perhaps because of this it has stood firm for more than 600 years.

The old fort here is located near the temple, which is now almost completely destroyed. Once upon a time, there used to be a lot of activity in this fort, but now there is nothing except broken stones.

Vikram Singh Lunawat has given complete information about Bholenath's temple and this citadel. Once upon a time Malpur was ruled by his ancestors only. He gave us a tour of the fort as well as told us about some of its unheard aspects.

According to them, the construction of this temple and the citadel was done by Thakurani sa Deori ji. After him it was taken care of by his descendants, which continues till date.

Bayan Mata Ji's temple is also present in the premises of the fort. Bayan Mataji is their family deity, who was worshiped by the rulers here and their descendants are following this tradition even today.

Malpur Mahadev Temple and Aarti Timings

This temple remains open round the clock and you can visit Bholenath anytime by coming here.

Best time to visit Malpur Mahadev Temple

There is greenery all around here during the rainy season. Lakes and ponds become full. Custard apple trees start appearing everywhere around.

If you go immediately after the rainy season i.e. from August to October, then you will have darshan of God in the form of nature, otherwise you can go anytime till February-March.

Places to visit near Malpur Mahadev Temple

Mansi Wakal Lake, Mansi Wakal Dam near the temple of Malpur Mahadev, Chandeshwar Mahadev Temple of Chandwas, Hariharji Temple of Badrana and the natural beauty here are worth seeing.

How to reach Malpur Mahadev Temple?

Malpur Mahadev is located in Malpur village a little ahead of Chandwas village near Mansi Wakal lake in Udaipur.

The distance of Malpur Mahadev Temple from Roadways Bus Stand of Udaipur is about 60 kms.

You can go through two routes to reach Malpur Mahadev Temple. If you are new then you have to go to Malpur Mahadev temple via Jhadol from Alsigarh. There is a highway from Udaipur to Jhadol. There is a single road after Jhadol.

If you know a little about the places around Udaipur, then you can go via Ubeshwarji, Surana, Kherwada of Brahmins. This path is a bit wild and the road is also single.

We suggest that you go via Jhadol only but if you want to see natural beauty with forest and mountains then you can also go via Ubeshwarji with a local person.

Malpur Mahadev Temple is a hidden grand heritage which should be promoted and disseminated so that everyone can become familiar with its cultural and artistic history.

If you ever go to Jhadol, then you must see this historical temple of Mahadev.

Map Location of Malpur Mahadev Temple

Images of Malpur Mahadev Temple

Malpur Mahadev Temple Artistic temple like Ajanta Ellora


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