Pansal Fort Bhilwara - Citadel of 12 villages in Bhilwara

Pansal Fort Bhilwara - Citadel of 12 villages in Bhilwara, it tells about the travel guide of Pansal Fort locate on the national highway near Bhilwara.

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Before freedom, Rajasthan used to be known by the name Rajputana. There used to be the reign of Rajput Kings.

That time, there existed various small kingdoms under a large one. All these small princely states used to have their bases in places where there used to be forts for residence and official work.

The one who had the possession or right over the fort was considered the king of that area. Today we take you to a similar fort of Mewar which is known as 'Pansal Fort'.

This fort is situated on Jaipur Udaipur National highway and is approximately 10 kilometres from Bhilwara. Being built on top of a small hill on one side of the National Highway, it is very easily visible from the road.

Now the condition of this fort is not well. It is broken from some places and at several places, it is collapsed. Looking at its ruins, it seems that perhaps this fort must have been quite beautiful and charming in the old times.

The information received shows that this fort was built a few centuries back by the Shaktawat Thakurs. It was also known as the 'citadel of 12 villages' due to the presence of 12 villages under the jurisdiction of the fort.

In ancient times, the height of this fort was very high from the ground.  The place next to the fort looked like a ditch in which the river used to flow.

At that time, the view here would have been very charming and beautiful. You can imagine the view of the evening, the sun is setting, beautiful hills all around and the river flowing underneath. It must have been quite splendid.

With the passage of time and the National Highway being built next to the fort, it does not look as tall and attractive as it used to be. The river which used to flow next to it has now taken the form of a pond.

Shape-wise, this fort is built in a rectangular shape in which two big Chowks (courtyard) are made. The entire fort is protected by two walls inside and outside on all four sides.

Out of these two, if we talk about the inner walls, their width is about one and a half to two feet. These walls are attached to the watchtower or bastions built around the fort.

The special thing about the watchtowers and the walls is that in many places, they have been made of clay. Perhaps to keep the fort safe, inspiration has been taken from the Lohargarh Fort of Bharatpur.

On entering from the entry gate of the fort, a large square field comes in front, around which two-storeyed construction is being done and many rooms are there in it. Just like all the old forts, basements are built under these rooms.

On the opposite side, the rooms on the second floor are quite luxurious. These rooms must have been used by the members of the royal family or some high-ranked official.

You would know that in the olden times, the royal family used to live in these forts and from there, all the official state-related works used to be done.

There are some windows in the adjoining building. Some of these windows might have been built for queens and the middle one might have been made for the king.

Perhaps the king used to meet someone down in the courtyard through this window. On entering this building through the door, there is also a big courtyard present inside.

A two-storey construction has been done around this courtyard and in it, lots of rooms are present. In the olden times, these rooms had ceilings and walls with colourful murals, beautiful doors, and windows, but now all have disappeared.

By going on the roof of the fort, you can see the whole Pansal town. From here, one can enjoy the nearby ponds and hills along with the natural beauty present in the form of greenery.

In the evening time, the view of the setting sun can also be enjoyed from here, which adds to its beauty. At some distance from the fort, there are cenotaphs of the rulers here.

On the cenotaphs, there are figures mounted on them of warriors on horses and some women with them, which probably reflects the warrior and the queen who got Sati with them.

Now, this fort is being renovated, and it is said that soon the fort will turn into a grand hotel.

If you are going towards Udaipur, then you must take a look at this fort standing on a rock in the middle somewhere on National Highway.

Map Location of Pansal Fort Bhilwara

Images of Pansal Fort

Pansal Fort Bhilwara Citadel of 12 villages in Bhilwara


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