Shyam Temple Mundru - Two heads are worshipped

Shyam Temple Mundru - Two heads are worshipped, it tells about specialty, history, aarti timings of Shri Shyam Mandir Mundru located near Khatu Shyam.

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Mundru town situated in Srimadhopur tehsil of Neemkathana district is religiously and historically very famous. In the center of the town there is a temple of Shyam Baba which is known as the ancient Shyam Mandir.

Specialty of Shyam Temple of Mundru

The special thing about this Shyam temple is that there are two separate temples above the ground and below it, in which two different heads of Baba Shyam are worshipped.

In both these temples, the original temple is located under the ground, in which there are stairs to go. While renovating the temple, the original temple was kept intact in its original form.

After renovation, the new temple built over the original temple has great grandeur. The construction of the spire of the temple and the grand work of glass inlay was completed with public cooperation.

Beautiful workmanship of glass all around inside this temple is adorable. In the main hall and circumambulation of the temple, mythological paintings have been engraved on the walls on all four sides.

Hundreds of years old Shyam temple under the ground

It is said that due to geographical changes, the original temple of Baba Shyam got absorbed in the earth. Due to torrential rains in the sixties, a deep pit was formed due to land subsidence in the village, in which a temple-like structure appeared.

Later on digging, the ancient temple of Baba Shyam came out in its original form. The thickness of the walls made of lime and stone and the smell of dampness of the temple and its sanctum sanctorum still gives proof of the ancientness of this temple.

Shri Shyam Vikas Samiti manages the temple

For the development and maintenance of the temple, the registration of the committee was done in the year 2011-12 in the name of Shree Shyam Vikas Samiti.

At present, the Swami family is doing service-worship work in this temple under the supervision of Shyam Vikas Samiti.

The major festivals of the temple include the Shyam Janmotsav on the Ekadashi of the month of Kartik, the Rath Yatra in the form of a fair on the Duj Tithi of Shukla Paksha of the month of Phalgun and the Nishan Padayatra from Triveni Dham on the Gyaras of the month of Shravan.

Along with this, Bhajan Sandhya is organized on every Gyaras of the month and apart from Paushbada, Annakoot, there is a huge crowd of devotees in the temple on Sharad Purnima.

Aarti timings in Shyam temple

In summers Mangala Aarti takes place at 5:15 AM, Shringar Aarti at 7:15 AM, Raj (Bhog) Aarti at 12:15 PM, Gwala Aarti at 7:30 PM and Shayan Aarti at 10:00 PM.

In winter, Mangala Aarti takes place at 6:15 AM, Shringar Aarti at 8:15 AM, Raj (Bhog) Aarti at 12:15 PM, Gwala Aarti at 5:30 PM and Shayan Aarti at 9:15 PM.

History of Mundru town

In relation to the name of the town and the establishment of the temple, it is said that in the olden times there was a pond named Palki near Dungri made of a single stone in Moondru town.

A military post of the Khandela Rajdarbar was located in the form of a small fort above Dungri, whose remains are still present. Here the prince used to train by working as a military commander.

A river used to flow around this dungri, due to which the shape of this dungri looked like a ring or mundri (like a ring). Due to the shape of the Dungri like Ring, it was known as Mundri.

In the last decade of the fifteenth century, Thakur Harderam Singh Shishu of Ranoli, the great-grandson of Raja Raisal of Khandela and son of Hariram, came to Mundri Dungri from Ranoli.

In 1595 AD (Vikram Samvat 1652), he established a town in the south direction from this Dungri. The town was named Moondru because of its proximity to a hill called Mundri.

If you are fond of seeing historical and religious places, then you must visit Shyam Mandir and Mundri hill once.

Who built the Shyam Mandir of Temple?

It is said that one night in a dream Thakur Harderam had a vision of Barbarik's head being buried at some place.

Later, after digging at that place, a stone in the form of Barbarik's head came out from there. Thakur Saheb got the Shyam temple constructed in 1599 AD (Vikram Samvat 1656) by establishing a sheesh at the excavated site.

How to reach Mundru Shyam Temple?

Mundru Shyam Mandir is situated inside Mundru town on Ajitgarh to Shrimadhopur route. You can go here either via Ajitgarh or via Shrimadhopur.

Map Location of Mundru Shyam Temple

Images of Shyam Temple Mundru

Shyam Temple Mundru Two heads are worshipped


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