Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur - Most dangerous temple of Rajasthan

Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur - Most dangerous temple of Rajasthan, it tells about the lord Shiva cave temple located in a cave in a deep ditch.

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The glory of Mahadev is unique. Often their abode is in very remote places. Many places are such that it seems impossible to reach there.

But nobody works in front of devotion and faith. If there is a desire in the heart of the devotee to see his deity, then even difficult roads become easy.

Today we are going to visit one such place of Mahadev which is very difficult to reach. This place is religious as well as an adventure in itself.

To go to this place, one has to descend with the help of chains in a deep gorge about 100 feet deep in the middle of the Aravalli hills.

So let's start this journey today and know what is this place? What is so special here that compels everyone to visit this place?

Tour and specialty of Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple

This place is surrounded by hills from all sides. After the rainy season, these mountains turn green with greenery. In this season, these mountains are seen full of custard apple trees.

A lot of custard apple grows in this area. These custard apples are packed in carrots and supplied to Gujarat. Here you can get a full carat of custard apple for just Rs.100.

Just as visiting the Bholenath in this temple is exciting in itself, in the same way it is also very enjoyable to reach here by roaming on a spiral road amidst lush green hills.

As we told you in the beginning that today we are going to have darshan of Bholenath by going down with the help of iron chains in an inaccessible ditch, then curiosity must be arising in your mind to know further.

First of all, let us tell you that this place is a Shiva temple which is situated inside a cave in a deep gorge, between the mountains. This temple is known as Tilakeshwar Mahadev Temple.

Actually, this temple is inside a cave about 100 feet deep in the middle of the white rocks. A river is flowing right next to these white rocks.

The water of this river keeps flowing throughout the year, due to which water remains filled even in the middle of these rocks. Devotees who come to visit Bholenath are seen taking bath here.

The water of this river keeps falling in the form of a spring in front of Mahadev's cave throughout the year. This waterfall becomes very strong during the rainy season.

After falling from the waterfall, this water turns back into a river and further joins the Sawai River. After this, this water of the river goes to the Jawai dam.

After getting down a little from the side of the white stones, there comes the place from where we have to get down with the help of iron chains. If you look side by side, the water of the river is also flowing.

Many iron chains have been tied to trees and rocks in such a way that while coming down they can hold on to them and descend. One has to get down very carefully holding these chains.

Getting into this ditch is also a challenge in itself. This moat is very straight from most of the places, that means one has to descend straight down into the moat.

Looking from above, it seems that how will we be able to come down, but everything becomes possible by the grace of Bholenath. If there is no iron chain, it is impossible to get down.

Water keeps flowing in this moat even during the rainy season, due to which moss gets accumulated at many places. Because of this moss, the feet start slipping.

After getting down a little in the moat, one has to pass through a small tunnel-like place. After going down a little further, an iron staircase is seen.

The view that is seen after getting inside the cave with the help of a ladder is amazing. It seems as if we have come to Mount Kailash. All fear and anxiety suddenly disappear.

Water is flowing inside the cave and Bholenath is sitting at a height of about 15-20 feet. A spring is flowing at the mouth of the cave in front of Bholenath. There is a pond in front of the waterfall.

There are two iron stairs to visit Bholenath. After visiting Bholenath by climbing these stairs, one gets great peace of mind.

There is another small cave inside the cave, in which Bholenath is sitting about 15 feet inside. Here Bholenath is automatically anointed with holy water throughout the year.

A huge crowd of devotees come here in the month of Sawan. At that time the view here is worth seeing. The whole cave resounds with the shouts of Lord Shiva.

History of Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple

It is said that in ancient times, there was a shortage of wealth in the kingdom of King Tilak, due to which poverty started spreading in the whole state. Then King Tilak did severe penance at this place to please Lord Shiva.

The king anointed Lord Shiva with sesame for many years. Bholenath was pleased with the penance of King Tilak and blessed him with lifelong happiness and prosperity.

It is said that since that time the place came to be known as Tilakeshwar Mahadev.

There is such a belief that whoever offers a handful of sesame seeds to Bholenath, happiness and prosperity comes to his house.

Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple Timings

This temple remains open for twenty-four hours and seven days, but when it is so difficult to go inside the cave during the day, then it is not possible at night.

Second, it is a wild area, so there is a possibility of wild animals here, so whenever you go here, come back before sunset.

Entry Fee in Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple

There is no fee to enter this temple. Admission here is free.

Places To Visit Near Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple

There is no such special place to see around Tilkeshwar Mahadev. Anyway, if you are going from Udaipur to Tilkeshwar Mahadev, then you will not get time to see anything else in the whole day.

But if you leave early in the morning and are free till afternoon, then while returning you can see the place of coronation of Maharana Pratap in Gogunda.

How to reach Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple?

The distance of Tilkeshwar Mahadev from Udaipur railway station is about 85 Kms. To go here, you have to go from Udaipur on the Pindwara Highway via Gogunda.

Beyond Gogunda, two tunnels also come on this highway. On going ahead of them, one has to go on the right side at the tri-junction before Devla. RJ 27 Tilkeshwar Mahadev restaurant is built here on a corner.

There is a four lane highway from Udaipur to here. From here onwards, a distance of about 18 kilometers will have to be covered through single road.

About 7 kilometers ahead of this trisection comes the trisection of Heral Kala village. You have to go on the right side road at this intersection.

Next, passing through Mewaron Ka Math, a little ahead of Rai village, Tilkeshwar Mahadev is to be reached in the hills. This road also goes till Tilkeshwar Mahadev, further the road is closed.

Overall, the fun of going from Udaipur to Tilkeshwar Mahadev is double the fun of descending into the ditch. If you want to enjoy adventure with the darshan of Bholenath then you must visit here.

Map Location of Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple

Images of Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur

Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur 1

Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur 2

Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur 3

Tilkeshwar Mahadev Temple Udaipur 4


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