Chetak Samadhi Haldighati - Maharana Pratap horse Chetak died here

Chetak Samadhi Haldighati - Maharana Pratap horse Chetak died here, it contains information about the Samadhi of Maharana Pratap's horse Chetak.

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You must have seen many mausoleums built for kings, maharajas, sages and mahatmas, but have you ever seen the mausoleum of any animal?

When we go to this Samadhi and we come to know the reason for the death of that animal, our mind is filled with reverence for it.

You might be wondering which animal is this, but if you are told that this animal is related to Maharana Pratap, then you will immediately recognize that we are talking about Maharana Pratap's horse Chetak.

Yes, this is the same Chetak who, despite being injured in one leg, carried Maharana Pratap on his back in the battle of Haldighati, crossed a 20 feet drain in one jump and took Maharana Pratap to a safe place.

After taking Maharana safely to the other side of the drain, he sacrificed his life near a tamarind tree. This tamarind tree is known as Khodi Imli.

Later, under his supervision, Maharana Pratap himself built the mausoleum of Chetak next to the temple of Mahadev.

Presently this mausoleum is built at a place named Balicha, about one and a half kilometers away from the battlefield of Haldighati. It is also known as Chetak Samadhi as well as Chetak Memorial or Chetak Chabutara.

As soon as you enter the entrance, this mausoleum is built on a high platform in front. The mausoleum is in the form of an cenotaph.

There are four statues carved on the memorial stone inside the chhatri in which Maharana Pratap is shown worshiping and riding Chetak.

Below the Samadhi site, there is a Shiva temple built during the time of Maharana Pratap. Maharana Pratap used to seek blessings of Bholenath by offering prayers in this Shiva temple.

This Shiva temple still stands firm in its place in the same way as it was during the time of Maharana Pratap. The temple has been renovated many times, due to which its antiquity cannot be estimated.

By looking at the statue of Nandi outside the temple, it can be easily estimated that the temple is about five hundred years old.

Chetak Nala and Maharana Pratap National Memorial are worth seeing near Chetak Samadhi. Maharana Pratap National Memorial is built on the hill in front of the mausoleum.

Maharana Pratap Memorial can be visited by bike or car. While climbing up the hill, there is a path to Chetak drain on the left side of the way. This is the same 22 feet wide drain that Chetak crossed in one jump.

At the Maharana Pratap National Memorial on the hill above, there is a big statue of Maharana Pratap sitting on Chetak. Most of the statues of Maharana Pratap are found sitting on Chetak.

Chetak became so immortal in history by supporting Maharana Pratap till his death, that today whenever Maharana Pratap's name comes anywhere, Chetak's name definitely comes along with him.

This memorial was inaugurated in the year 2009. From this place, beautiful views are visible all around. Forests are visible all around.

If you are going to Haldighati then you must visit these monuments of Chetak and Maharana Pratap.

Map Location of Chetak Smarak

Photos of Chetak Smarak

Chetak Samadhi Haldighati 1

Chetak Samadhi Haldighati 2

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