Hadi Rani Palace Salumber - Why did Hadi Rani cut off her head?

Hadi Rani Palace Salumber - Why did Hadi Rani cut off her head? it tells about the palace and sacrifice of Hadi Rani of Rawat Ratan Singh Chundawat.

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Do you know that a brave queen was born on the land of Rajasthan who cut off her head with her own hands and sent it to her husband as a memento? This question must be arising in your mind that who was this queen and why did she do this?

You already know that the soil of Rajasthan is the soil in which the blood of the brave men and women who died for their honor and glory is mixed at every step.

While on one hand the brave men of this place have sacrificed their lives by committing suicide wearing saffron robes, on the other hand the brave women here have protected their honor and dignity by performing Jauhar.

The Kshatriya heroes of Rajasthan have considered death as just a toy. For centuries, they have sacrificed their lives in the performance of their duties without any hesitation.

Whenever the mind of these brave men has wavered due to some attachment or illusion, the brave women here have saved that wavering mind from going astray by sacrificing their lives.

Today we will learn about one such queen who sacrificed her life to save her husband's wandering mind from going to war. This queen is known as Hadi Rani.

A poet has written about her that “Rao Salumbaer Ke Chunda Ne Mangi Ek Nishani Thi, Sheesh Kaatkar Bheja Jisne Vo To Hadi Rani Thi.” Another poet has written about him that "Chundavat Mangi Senanai, Sheesh Bhej Diyo Kshatrani".

First of all, let us understand the events of the sixteenth century in which this incident took place. What happened was that after hearing about the beauty of Charumati, daughter of King Roop Singh of Kishangarh situated near Krishnagarh i.e. Ajmer, Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb sent a marriage proposal to Charumati.

Charumati rejected this marriage proposal. In response to this, Aurangzeb sent a message to come to Kishangarh with military forces in Vikram Samvat 1717 to forcibly marry Charumati.

After receiving this message, Charumati accepted Maharana Raj Singh of Mewar as her husband and sent a message to Maharana for marriage.

Maharana Raj Singh accepted this marriage proposal and sent a message to the newly married Chundawat Rao Ratan Singh of Salumber that he should stop Aurangzeb on the Agra Road ahead of Kishangarh until Raj Singh marries Charumati and returns back to Udaipur.

This message was given to Chundawat Rawat Ratan Singh of Salumber by his friend and Maharana's messenger Shardul Singh. Rawat Ratan Singh was married two days ago to Indra Kunwar or Salah Kanwar or Sahal Kanwar, daughter of Hada Raja of Bundi.

Salah Kanwar is called Hadi Rani because she was the daughter of Hada ruler of Bundi. Due to his new marriage, Rawat Ratan Singh's mind was wavering about going to war, due to his wife's attachment, his mind was getting distracted.

Due to orders, Rawat Ratan Singh had to go to the battlefield, so with a wandering mind he left the palace to bid farewell to his newly married queen and go to the battlefield.

Outside the palace, he again remembered the queen and sent one of his servants and asked the queen to bring a Remembrance.

When the servant asked the queen for a sign, the queen understood that his love was coming in the way of her husband's duty and his mind was wavering due to his wife's attachment.

The queen feared that due to her attachment, her husband might not be able to fight wholeheartedly in the battlefield and the work for which he was going to war might not be completed.

Therefore, the queen decided to eliminate the very reason due to which her husband's mind was wavering. To give a token, the queen asked for a sword from one of her maids and cut off his head with her own hands and gave it as a token.

The maid placed the queen's head on a plate, covered it with a Chunri and gave it to the servant. When the servant gave this sign to Rawat Ratan Singh, Rawat was horrified.

Seeing the queen's head he realized his duty. Then Rawat wore this unique symbol of sense of duty like a garland around his neck and left for the battlefield.

Rawat Ratan Singh kept Aurangzeb's army at bay in the battlefield until Maharana Raj Singh's marriage with Charumati was solemnized.

Thus, Rawat Ratan Singh completely completed the task assigned to him and ultimately attained martyrdom while fighting in the war. There is no other example in history of such sacrifice for imparting knowledge of duty.

In view of Rani's bravery and sacrifice, Hadi Rani Women's Battalion has been named in the name of this brave woman in Rajasthan Police.

In Toda Raisingh of Tonk, there is a stepwell named after Hadi Rani in her honour, which is called Hadi Rani Ki Baori or Kund.

Today we will see the same palace of Hadi Rani and will also see the room in which Hadi Rani had beheaded herself.

The palaces of Hadi Rani and Rawat Ratan Singh still exist in Salumber, about 72 kilometers from Udaipur. You can reach this place from Udaipur via Jaisamand.

There is a Ravala inside Salumber which has a big gate for entry. On going inside the gate, a big field and some palaces are visible. Government schools are running in many parts of the palace.

Ratan Singh's palace is in a very dilapidated condition and has been closed to the general public. The road to enter it is also closed.

Hadi Rani's palace has been renovated and given the shape of a panorama. A nominal fee of ten rupees is charged to see this palace.

This three-storey palace of Hadi Rani is known as Saat Gokhada Mahal because of the seven windows. This is the same palace in which Hadi Rani spent a few days after her marriage and in which she sacrificed her life by cutting off her head.

Many statues of silicon and metal have been installed in many rooms of the palace depicting the bravery of Hadi Rani, among which the statue of Hadi Rani cutting off her head is amazing.

The mind shudders after seeing this statue. Imagine when we shudder after seeing a statue, what would have been the condition of Rawat Ratan Singh, when he saw the severed head of his wife in reality.

At the topmost part of the palace is the chamber in which Hadi Rani had her head cut off. In this room there is a statue in which Hadi Rani is cutting off her head and giving it to her maid.

In this historical room you feel something strange and for a few moments you are transported to the era in which all this happened. It seems as if that event is happening in front of you.

From the topmost terrace of the palace, you can see the entire Salumber. The famous temple of Sonar Mata is visible on the nearby hill. If you have time, then you must visit this temple.

There is a big pond or lake behind the palace. A beautiful water palace is built in the middle of this lake. The entire lake is covered with lotuses. There is a garden nearby which has dense greenery.

If you are interested in seeing historical places, then you must visit Hadi Rani's palace once to feel the sacrifice of Hadi Rani.

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