Kangana Ranaut Family Goddess - Kangana Ranaut Special Love

Kangana Ranaut Family Goddess - Kangana Ranaut Special Love, it tells about Kangana Ranaut Kuldevi Ambika Mata Temple located in Jagat village.

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Do you know that famous film actress Kangana Ranaut is a Rajasthani and she has a deep connection with Rajasthan? To maintain this relationship, Kangana keeps coming to the temple of her clan goddess in a small village in Rajasthan?

Surely now you would definitely like to know the answer to this question that after all, which village is that and who is that clan goddess, who is related to Kangana.

Without increasing your curiosity further, let us tell you about that village and that temple. The name of that village is Jagat and the temple is of Ambika Mata.

Jagat village is a small village in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. The village is small but its history is more than a thousand years old.

In this village there is a thousand years old temple of Ambika Mata, who is also known as Mahisasur Mardini. This temple is called Khajuraho of Rajasthan.

Kangana Ranaut has ancestral relation with Jagat village and Ambika Mata temple. Actually, Kangana Ranaut's ancestors lived in this village about 150 years ago.

Later due to some reason the Ranaut families here had to leave this world. After leaving the world, Kangana's ancestors along with other Ranaut families settled in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.

Now the question arises that how did Kangana come to know about her ancestral village and Kuldevi? Kangana herself tells about this that her mother used to see some girls and Mother Goddess in her dreams.

When Mataji asked the pundits, they told that it was related to their Kuldevi and advised to have darshan of the Kuldevi.

Kangana's mother neither knew about this ancestral village nor about this temple, she only knew that her ancestors lived somewhere in Udaipur.

Then she told this to Kangana and asked her to find her Kuldevi. After a lot of efforts, Kangana finally found her ancestral village and the temple of the Kuldevi of the Ranaut families.

After finding out about the temple, Kangana came to this temple on October 15, 2018. After offering prayers here, she took the flame of this temple to her present home district Mandi in Himachal Pradesh.

In Mandi, he built a temple of Mata in the same style so that along with him other Ranawat families could also have darshan of their Kuldevi.

After this, Kangana keeps coming to Jagat village to visit her Kuldevi. Even when her brother got married, her entire family came to the temple.

Now you must have known about Kangana Ranaut's relationship with a small village in Udaipur district of Rajasthan and her Kuldevi temple present in this village.

Kangana's connection with her family goddess does not at all resemble the bold Bollywood look of Kangana that we see in films.

This shows that what is seen in films does not happen in real life. This shows Kangana's faith in her family deity even after settling in Himachal.

Map location of Ambika Mata Mandir


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