Maharana Pratap Gufa Haldighati - Maharana Pratap used to make plans in this cave

Maharana Pratap Gufa Haldighati - Maharana Pratap used to make plans in this cave, it contains information about Maharana Pratap cave in Haldighati.

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There are many tourist places worth visiting in Haldighati area. There are many such places which are associated with the battle of Haldighati and which have a very close relation with this war as well as Maharana Pratap.

One of these places is Maharana Pratap Cave. This cave is situated at a distance of about one kilometer from Haldighati pass towards Chetak Samadhi site.

This cave is on the main road and you can see its sign board from a distance. Pratap Cave is also called Anant Sadhana Sthali.

Lord Shiva is present outside the cave in the form of Ran Mukteshwar Mahadev. Next to them, water is seeping from the mountains and flowing in the form of a slow waterfall. Be it winter or summer, this water keeps flowing like this for the whole twelve months.

There are two ways to enter the cave. By going inside through either of the two paths, the entrance of the main cave comes.

The entrance of the cave is no longer in its old form, now a door has been constructed and installed in front of it. On entering through the door, the cave appears to be made up of many parts.

Just as there is a square outside a mansion and rooms all around, similarly there is a big empty space inside the cave and small room-like areas all around.

Mataji's temple is visible in front in which Mataji is seated. There is another place of worship on its right side and a Dhuna is built near it.

Now the appearance of this cave has changed a lot. During the time of Maharana Pratap, this cave was a major center of his activity.

Maharana Pratap used to sit in this cave and plan war strategies with his feudal lords and advisors. Maharana Pratap also used to meditate in this cave, due to which this cave is also called the place of infinite meditation.

It is said that before the battle of Haldighati, Maharana Pratap had stayed here for several days and executed the final strategy of the battle of Haldighati from here.

It is said that there are many paths in this cave which go from here to Chittor, but because these paths are very dangerous, they have now been closed.

The more time we spend inside the cave, the more we feel as if even today Maharana Pratap is sitting in some part of it.

Although there is a temple built inside the cave, but even if there was no temple, this place would still make one feel as holy as a temple. Here our heads bow in respect of Pratap.

If you are going to Haldighati then you must visit this cave of Maharana Pratap so that you can experience the battle of Haldighati.

Map Location of Maharana Pratap Cave

Photos of Maharana Pratap Cave

Maharana Pratap Gufa Haldighati 1

Maharana Pratap Gufa Haldighati 2

Maharana Pratap Gufa Haldighati 3

Maharana Pratap Gufa Haldighati 4


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