Mayra Ki Gufa Gogunda - This secret cave was the armory of Maharana Pratap

Mayra Ki Gufa Gogunda - This secret cave was the armory of Maharana Pratap, it contains information about Mayra cave, the armory of Maharana Pratap.

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Do you want to know about the place where Maharana Pratap used to hide his weapons during his years of continuous conflict with the Mughal Emperor Akbar?

Do you want to know about the place where Maharana Pratap ate grass rotis during this conflict?

Today we will tell you about that historical place which is directly related to Maharana Pratap. So let's get started.

Even today, whenever you step at this place, you feel as if Maharana Pratap is sitting somewhere here and his horse Chetak is tied nearby.

This place is a cave located in the forest area at a distance of about 8 kilometers from Gogunda and about 25 kilometers from Haldighati which is known as Mayra's Cave. Many people also know it by the name of Maharana Pratap's cave.

This cave, built under a mountain in a valley amidst high mountains all around in a dense forest, is built in such a way that it is not visible to anyone. It is quite difficult for an unknown person to even go near the cave and find it.

Overall, the geographical location of the cave is such that it can neither be easily accessed nor seen easily.

In this way we can say that during the time of Maharana Pratap, it was impossible for the enemy soldiers to find this cave.

Since Gogunda was the capital of Mewar at the time of Maharana Pratap, the cave of Mayra had great strategic importance due to its proximity to Gogunda.

This place was used to keep the weapons of Maharana Pratap's army, that is, the cave of Mayra was used as the armory of Maharana Pratap's army.

Along with keeping the army's weapons in this cave, it was also used as the temporary residence of the Maharana.

As we know that Maharana Pratap's entire life was spent in the forests fighting with Akbar's army, hence for security reasons he never used to stay at one place for long.

Maharana Pratap kept changing his residence continuously at intervals of a few days. It is said that Maharana Pratap stayed in this cave during those days of struggle and he also ate grass rotis while staying here.

If we talk about the location here, Myra Cave is located in the forest at a distance of about 8 kilometers from Gogunda, about 25 kilometers from Haldighati and about 42 kilometers from Udaipur.

To reach here from Udaipur, you will have to go through Kakan Ka Gudha on the way from Gogunda to Haldighati. To go from Haldighati, one will have to go through Kakan Gudha on the road from Haldighati to Gogunda.

Although you can reach Myra's cave from Udaipur via Iswal and from here via Dulawaton Ka Gudha, but it is a bit difficult to reach through this route.

Therefore, the best way to reach Mayra Cave from Udaipur, Gogunda and Haldighati is via Kakan Ka Gudha.

Even on this route, the road is bumpy and broken for about one and a half to two kilometers and apart from stones, there is not even a trace of asphalt on it.

You will have to cover this distance of one and a half to two kilometers on foot because it is not possible to travel by car.

You can take the bike with some difficulty but keep in mind that if the tire of your bike gets punctured then there is no one far away to fix it.

After crossing this rough path, on going down the hill, a two-storey building is seen. This building is an old palace which has two doors. Ashwashala is written on one door and Surya Dwar is written on the other.

These palaces were built at the same time and it is said that Maharana Pratap used to live in them. Due to the maintenance of the palace by the villagers, its condition is quite good and habitable.

There is a cave behind this palace which can be entered through these two doors. There is a door next to the palace through which one can go inside the cave.

There is a horse stable and a kitchen inside the cave. Maharana Pratap's horse Chetak was tied in the stable, hence this place is worshiped even today.

Next to it, there is a temple of Hinglaj Mata in which a beautiful statue of Mata is enshrined. The cave has the status of a sacred place, due to which one has to enter it only after removing shoes and slippers.

A natural waterfall falls next to the cave from the hill above the cave. This place becomes quite attractive during rainy days. Even in the cave, water starts dripping from places.

Due to the waterfall, the natural beauty of the surrounding cave as well as the cave increases a lot. The main cave becomes visible after climbing a little further up the stairs.

During the rainy season, water drips from many places. After going deep inside this cave, there is a temple of Rupan Mata.

The biggest specialty of the cave is that its entrance is not visible when seen from outside, due to which no one is able to find out about it. For this reason this cave was made an armory.

Three paths are suggested to go inside the cave, which is quite winding and is no less than a maze in itself.

If we talk about the architecture of the cave, then this natural cave is shaped like the veins of the body. One gets a different feeling when one goes inside it a little.

It is said that this cave originates from Gogunda, the capital of Maharana Pratap. It does not seem possible to go deep inside the cave because it is very dark inside.

Surrounded by mountains on all sides, this place, despite being inaccessible, is a very beautiful place. If there is something missing then it is the absence of a road to reach this place.

Recently, the state government has sanctioned Rs 5 crore 40 lakh for the restoration and beautification of Myra Cave, with which the cave will be renovated along with construction of road, heritage gate, ticket window room etc. to reach the cave.

It is expected that this work will be completed soon and Myra's cave will emerge as a main tourist place for the tourists visiting Udaipur.

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