Topmata Temple Udaipur - Cannon is worshipped as Goddess

Topmata Temple Udaipur - Cannon is worshipped as Goddess, it tells about the cannon temple of Udaipur city in which a connon is worshipped as a goddess.

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Have you seen any cannon being worshiped as Mother Goddess? Have you seen a temple built for a cannon? As far as we think, you haven't seen anything like this.

Today we will tell you where this happens. Actually, there is a place inside the city of Udaipur where a cannon is worshiped considering it to be the form of Mother Goddess.

This place is in front of the railway station in Udaipur city. There is an cenotaph built like a temple on top of a tower. This turret is known as Topmata Burj.

Due to regular worship of the cannon, it has now come to be known as Topmata Temple. The worship of this cannon was started by Amarchand Barwa, the Prime Minister of Mewar in the 18th century.

To go here you will have to go inside the wall built in front of the railway station. To go inside, there is a path made in the thick wall of the fort, which can be reached on foot or by bike.

As soon as you go inside, there is a door leading to the temple on top of the turret on the left side. The main door remains closed, so there is a small door with stairs next to it.

The temple usually opens only in the evening but if anyone wants to visit during the day, they can take the key from the house of Ravi, the priest of the temple.

The priest's house is nearby on the right side of the door. When going from the ramparts towards the turret, an cenotaph is seen over the turret.

This temple-like chhatri was built by the Municipal Corporation about 40 years ago. Before the Chhatri was built by the Municipal Corporation, this place was in a very dilapidated condition.

There are four strong pillars around this cenotaph. It is said that in ancient times this cannon was resting on these pillars and it could be rotated all around as per the need.

From Burj, one path along the wall is going towards Surajpol and the other path is going towards Machhala Magra. Now, due to people living at various places, this route has become short and dead.

Presently a 30 feet long cannon is kept under the cenotaph. This cannon is said to be more than three hundred years old.

Worship and aarti of this cannon is done regularly. The cannon in the form of Shakti is covered with chunari and a trident is attached near it. There are coconuts tied all around the cenotaph and below.

The biggest specialty of this cannon is that it is worshipped, its second biggest specialty is that this cannon is cut in half from the middle. It is said that at one time blood used to flow from this cut part.

According to priest Ravi, a pair of snakes has been seen at this place many times due to which many people are afraid to come here, but till date no one has suffered any harm because of this pair.

There is a lot of crowd at this place during Navratri. Devotees apply vermilion here and worship with the Akhand lamp.

History of Cannons in Udaipur

During the time of Mewar Prime Minister Amarchand Barwa, some cannons were started to be placed on the city fort for the defense of Udaipur city.

Jagat Shobha or Lodchi cannon was placed on the turret of Chaharkot in front of the railway station, Jai Amba cannon was placed on the elephant pole and Mast Baan cannon was placed on the Surajpole.

The worship of Jagat Shobha cannon, started by Amarchand Barwa, is still performed regularly. Now this cannon is worshiped in the name of Topmata.

At the time of Maratha invasion in 1769 AD, Mewar's Prime Minister Amarchand Barwa built an artillery on the Ekling fort of Machhala Magra and installed a big cannon named Dushman Bhanjak on it.

This cannon was the biggest cannon of Udaipur, from which when fired, it used to hit the door of Debari, 15 kilometers away.

In this war with the Marathas, Kunwar Bagh Singh, son of Maharana Sangram Singh II, along with his Arabic Muslim soldiers, took command of the enemy destroyer cannon at Ekling Garh.

Even today, in a part of Ekling Garh, there is a Dargah built in the memory of the gunner who fired this cannon, which is called the Dargah of Toppwale Baba.

It is said that Udaipur was saved from the Maratha attack of 1769 AD only because of Jagat Shobha and enemy destroyer cannons.

Later, Jagat Shobha cannon was removed from here and was placed back here by Mewar Prime Minister Thakur Amar Singh Barwa.

If you want to see this unique place, then you should visit the Topmata temple located on top of the historical Topmata Burj of Udaipur.

Map Location of Cannon Temple

Photos of Cannon Temple

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