Gangaur Ghat Udaipur - The famous fair of Gangaur is held at this ghat

Gangaur Ghat Udaipur - The famous fair of Gangaur is held at this ghat, in this information is given about the world famous Gangaur Ghat of Udaipur.

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Along with the Pichola Lake of Udaipur, some of its ghats are also quite famous. Among these ghats, two ghats are very famous which are seen by almost every tourist visiting Lake Pichola.

Among these two ghats, one is Gangauri Ghat and the other is Amrai Ghat. Apart from having their own cultural importance, both these ghats also have great importance from tourism point of view.

Today we talk about Gangauri Ghat. Gangauri Ghat is also known as Gangaur Ghat. This ghat is built on the banks of Lake Pichola, behind the Jagdish Temple near the City Palace.

Bagor Ki Haveli, a major tourist destination of Udaipur, is built next to this ghat. The distance here from Udaipur Railway Station is about three and a half kilometers.

To reach the ghat one has to pass through three big doors. These doors are known as Tripolia of Gangaur Ghat.

These three doors have very beautiful carvings. There is a palace decorated with glass work above the doors.

This ghat was built by Maharaj Nath Singh's heir Maharaj Bhim Singh in the nineteenth century. Later, in the year 1878, Maharaj Shakti Singh built a palace decorated with glass work at Tripolia of Gangaur Ghat.

A very beautiful view of Lake Pichola is visible from the ghat. Many films and TV shows have been shot at this ghat.

The weather here becomes very pleasant in the evening and it is very nice to see the setting sun. There is abundance of tourists here.

There are many pigeons sitting on the ghat which keep flying from time to time due to the movement of tourists. Tourists also like to get photo shoots done with these flying pigeons.

As a cultural centre, some major festivals are celebrated at this ghat. Gangaur Festival and Jal Jhulani Ekadashi are prominent among these festivals. The festival of Gangaur is celebrated with great pomp and show as Gangaur Mahotsav.

The Gangaur Mahotsav is a festival lasting several days in which Gangaur is rode in a procession from different parts of the city along with representatives of the royal family carrying the idols on a royal boat from the palace's Banshi Ghat to Gangaur Ghat.

If you are going on a tour of Udaipur, then you should visit Gangaur Ghat to see its beauty as well as its peaceful environment.

Map Location of Gangaur Ghat

Photos of Gangaur Ghat

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