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श्रीमाधोपुर की ताजा खबरें - Shri Madhopur News, इसमें श्रीमाधोपुर कस्बे से संबंधित ताजा समाचार की जानकारी दी गई है।

Ramesh Sharma

My name is Ramesh Sharma. I am a registered pharmacist. I am a Pharmacy Professional having M Pharm (Pharmaceutics). I also have MSc (Computer Science), MA (History), PGDCA and CHMS. Being a healthcare professional, I want to educate people so I write blog articles related to healthcare system. I am creator so I write articles and create videos on various topics such as physical, mental, social and spiritual health, lifestyle, eating habits, home remedies, diseases and medicines to provide health education to people for their healthy life. Usually, I travel at hidden historical heritages to feel the glory of our history. I also travel at various beautiful travel destinations to feel the beauty of nature.

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